Prevent Psychic Damage by Shielding Tarot Cards by primusboy


									Prevent Psychic Damage by Shielding Tarot Cards!
Have you ever wanted to know the future?
Some say you can seek the help of tarot cards to achieve that.
One of the most special things about tarot cards is that they have the
ability to absorb whatever energy is near them. The owner of the cards
must refrain from letting others touch them. The reason behind is that
the tarot cards become a personal item for an individual thus the energy
you have needs to be stored in the cards.
One way to shield tarot cards from the negative energy as well as
physical damage is to wrap them inside a cloth. If a person who is sad or
has negative energy touches the deck of cards chances are, the cards will
absorb the energy coming from him.
You can also put them inside the box so that it is safe. One more thing
to remember is not to leave your cards scattered around your home. These
tarot cards need care and must be protected by something since they are
quite sensitive.
Before using tarot cards you must let them be accustomed to your energy
since you will be the one to use them. One trick is to put the cards
under your pillow while you sleep. This way, the cards will try to get
used to you being their owner and at the same time recognize the energy
you have. Getting to know the cards is one thing individuals must do
before they use it for reading.
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