The Legendary Andrew Reynolds

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					The Legendary Andrew Reynolds
After 20 years of achievements in the field of skateboarding, Andrew
Reynolds is now a renowned skateboarder. He appeared in Tony Hawk series
of video games.
He was born in 1978 in Lakeland Florida, and Andrew Reynolds started
skateboarding in the mid-1980s. Even at an early age it was apparent that
Andrew was a very unique skateboarder. Today he is 6"2" and credits his
height as one of the reasons he has gotten better as a skateboarder.
You really can not go anywhere these days where you do not see a group of
kids skateboarding. There are several million kids who do it in the
United States alone. As an industry it as only been around since the late
1970's and the many different tricks done today have not been around that
long compared to things done in other sports.
For example one of the most popular tricks is known as the Ollie. This is
where the skateboarder slams the tail side of the board and moves his
front foot towards the nose, creating a lift off of the ground. This move
is less than 30 years old which shows how really new this sport is.
It was said that skateboarding originated from the ideas of Californian
surfers who wished to surf the street. This was in the 1950's or 60's.
Nobody knew who invented the skateboards.
One thing for sure is Andrew Reynolds has become a legend in this sport
because of his ability to create tricks no one had done before. He is
well known for his trick The Front Side Flip.
His tricks could be seen down the Wilshire fifteen set in the LOVE gap in
the Emerica Video This is Skateboarding, "Baker 2G," over the Hollywood
High School's 16 stair rail, the Wallenberg Set, and over a 17 stair set
in Baker 3 of which all he performed himself.
Apart from skateboarding, Andrew also loves collecting jewelry, diamonds,
playing the guitar, shopping for DVD's and clothes. He also likes to edit
his video footage along with the ones of his friends on his PowerBook.
In 2000, Baker Skateboards was started by Andrew along with Jay
Strickland. They sell skateboard decks and wheels and make money from the
popularity of skateboards. Deathwish skateboards, a sister company of
Baker Skateboards was also set up.
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