Why Some People Do Not Vote by primusboy


									Why Some People Do Not Vote
Have you ever noticed that every year fewer people vote? Do you vote? No
matter what you say, the truth is that at the average election only 50%
of the people vote. Of course some say if un-informed people do not vote
then that is a good thing, as their un-informed vote is a waste. A more
informed electorate would be good indeed, but is that a good use of time
to educate the masses if so few people vote? If people do not care, then
informing them could be said to be a wasteful expenditure of time.
Another issue is in many states when you sign up to vote you are also put
into the jury pool. Voting just signs people up for jury duty and if and
when you are called; then you sit there and they treat you like crap and
waste your time. While sitting on a jury you might vote to hang the thief
and then a liberal judge lets him off with time served? Meanwhile you
sacrifice thousands of dollars to be there and they threaten you.
Many people feel that who ever they vote for makes no difference because
once they get into office they forget the people who put them there and
thus no longer represent us at all. The miss trust in government is
unfortunate and so are the scandals of bribes and lobbyists. We must
clean up the government if we wish people to respect it and participate
in the duty and their right to vote. Consider this in 2006.
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