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									Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sue NOT Barack and John!
The headlines scream at us daily about shooting in a school yard; the
price of gas; the kidnapping of a child; and who said what about whom in
the presidential race that is looming in America's horizon.
Many Americans are focusing their hope for change, an overused word as of
late, in this presidential election. Billboards show the face of senator
hopefuls whose name I have never seen. Tens of thousands of dollars are
being spent to get our attention and to "sway our vote" to their side.
Whose side is the best side?
We the people, have it all wrong. We are bullied by the media and network
celebrities who have the finances and connections to feed us what they
think we want to hear. People will hear what resonates with them. There
is no swaying or convincing. We choose candidates who are like us.
Candidates who say what we would say or rather, what we want to hear.
This election isn't about the best candidate with the platform that will
get us out of the mess we are in. It is about the candidate that says the
right things at the right time to the right people who are waiting to
hear them.
As a society we have been indoctrinated to believe that we only have two
choices. You are either a republican or a democrat. HOGWASH! A political
party can't bring about change. We are fools to believe that! We have
become a top down society and if we continue to live like that we will no
longer be the super power that everyone banks their money on. America
will no longer be the Disneyland
we have pretended to be.
If we want CHANGE, the change needs to come from within. Change cannot
come from one man
or one woman; one candidate or one political party.
I remember watching the Berlin wall being torn down piece by piece. At
our local museum we have a chunk of it and I am still in awe to think
back to who took it down. It didn't come down by a political
order from "the top". The people in Germany had enough. They created the
change and even if
for one night, were filled with a hope of a new world with no boundaries;
no walls.
If we don't change, hope for the America we remember or dream about is
If you have a neighbor who lost a job, what are you doing to help them?
Do you even know your neighbor? Have you created a wall around your home
and go to work, earn your paycheck and then come home shutting the garage
door after you as you sit down in front of the TV?
Change comes when we open our hands to help someone who needs it, even if
we don't have a lot to give.
Change comes when we tell a customer NO when the home they want to
purchase is way out of their means.
Change comes when we buy a cup of coffee for the person standing in line
behind us. Try it. It creates confusion, joy and an amazing domino affect
which in some cases has lasted all day.
Change comes when we donate our used up treasures instead of filling a
landfill. Recycling instead
of trashing.
Change comes when we stop yelling at someone because their beliefs are
different than ours.
Change comes when we open our hands, our minds and our hearts to hearing
but agreeing to
disagree on issues that are important to us.
Change comes when we put everything that we have into
making that change happen.
Change comes when we stop blaming and start admitting.
WAKE UP, America!
Change will not come on the heels of a political party or our next
Change and hope lies within each one of us.
If we run in fear or panic at the first sign of bad news, hope is lost.
Hope is not in a presidential candidate but in YOU.
You are just what the country is waiting for. What are you going to do
about it?
Kelly Wissink is a successful Home Based Business Owner and home
schooling mom who is coaching a team of entrepreneurs to be successful in
their business and in life. Helping others to succeed, have fun and live
life to its fullest are just a few of her goals. She can be reached
through her website at *Please enjoy a free e-book from
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