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									Hillary Clinton And Celebrities
Top celebrities have announced their endorsement for Hillary Clinton in
her bid to become the first female president of the United States. The
Hillary magic has spread from basketball legends to soap opera stars. But
will their star magic prove to be effective on putting Hillary back to
the White House?
Hillary needs all the celebrity endorsers she could get especially with
the influential and widely popular Oprah Winfrey openly campaigning for
Barack Obama. It is no-secret that Oprah has a huge fan base that crosses
all racial, political and economic lines. Having her in Obama's campaign
trail will surely draw not only crowds but votes as well come election
Hillary's camp must not worry because the list of her celebrity endorsers
is slowly getting longer and more powerful. Multi-awarded and highly-
respected actor Jack Nicholson has recently given his support for
Clinton. Other celebrities who have endorsed Clinton are Barbara
Streisand, Whoopi Goldberg, director Rob Reiner, basketball legend Magic
Johnson and Danny de Vito.
America Ferrera, lead star of the widely popular television show "Ugly
Betty", is confident that Clinton will be "a champion for young women and
men across the country." Her endorsement is seen to be a significant
factor for Clinton to get the young generation's approval.
Amidst all the celebrities speaking out their support on their respective
presidential bets, it is still up to the American people to decide who
they will vote in the coming election. Hillary's positions on the
pressing issues facing the nation such as the slumping economy and the
war in Iraq are the real important factors which will determine her
chances on the US presidency.
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