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									Barack Obama Campaign Managers, Spin Masters and Handlers Considered
As we watch the Barack Obama campaign make mistake after mistake in
addressing the issues, we also see an attempt to compare him to Abraham
Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and even Martin Luther King. Indeed, these are all
very noble and wise men to compare Barack Obama to, but I would like to
take this opportunity to compare Barack Obama to Ralph Nader.
In fact, Ralph Nader and Barack Obama are both inline on many key issues,
and it seems to me that you could pick either of these two candidates if
you believed in certain things, as their rhetoric, politics and message
is very much the same on most of the main issues. There are only a few
real differences. First, Barack Obama clearly by observation is not
nearly as smart as Ralph Nader, at least that is my opinion, and I'd have
to wager probably Ralph Nader is a good 20-25 points higher than Barack
Obama in IQ.
Next, Barack Obama has a lot more money than Ralph Nader, as
has really assisted him, thus, he can outspend even Hilary Clinton's
political Machine. One thing that might be nice is to see Ralph Nader as
a running mate with Barack Obama, that would give a little intelligence
to Barack Obama's message, rather than all this flowery rhetoric and rosy
speeches read from clay tablets.
So far, Barack Obama has tried to distance himself from Ralph Nader, but
that will prove to be a mistake, as Ralph Nader's type of follower is
very much part of Barack's voting base. If Barack gets the nomination,
Ralph Nader will take significant votes from Barack and as the election
process goes on it could cost Barack the general election. If Ralph Nader
gets 2-4% of the vote, as Barack's followers get tired of all talk and no
substance, then John McCain might easily walk away with it. Leaving
Democrats holding the bag for falling once again for a candidate with no
substance behind the words.
This of course, is my opinion and Barack Obama's spin masters, campaign
managers and handlers are getting a little cocky in my view, and its only
a matter of time until Barack Obama buries himself. And if Ralph Nader
ever debates with Barack Obama, then Barack does not stand a chance on
his own. He'll need a special WiFi listening device in his ear to debate
with Ralph Nader, who can probably hold his own against anyone. I write
this from a non-biased opinion, I am voting NOA in this next election,
cause I am just tired of all the BS anyway - what about you?
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