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									Barack Obama - Qualified to Be President?
One serious topic of debate regarding the 2008 Presidential Election
pertains to Barack Obama's qualifications for the office, what many
consider to be the most important job in the land.
Without question, his resume is impressive. His academic achievements are
noteworthy, as is his work as a civil rights attorney. Moreover, his
public speaking skills are without parallel. His gentle good humor and
self-effacing attitude are equally attractive.
But is he qualified?
The difficult question must be addressed: Is Barack Obama's popularity
due to his ethnicity more than to his accomplishments? Would a white
senator with the same resume be considered his or her party's nominee?
As much as we may hate to say it, it seems improbable. Barack Obama has
yet to complete a single full term as a US Senator. He has no legislative
accomplishments of which to speak, and he has yet to offer any specific
details on how he plans to fund his grandiose plans. He has no military
experience, nor any deep familiarity with the military machinery of this
To be sure, were Obama to be elected, his presidency would be a great
step forward in this country, haunted as we are the specter of our racist
However, is it worth to gain this milestone at the expense of electing a
man wholly unqualified for the office?
Merely paying lip service to such intangible ideals such as "change" and
"diversity" will not make our country safer nor our economy stronger.
Unfortunately, it appears that Barack Obama simply does not have the
appropriate qualifications to be president.
R.S. Cochran is a college English professor, a lifelong Democrat, and
founder of

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