Tips on Surviving Marriage Separation

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					Tips on Surviving Marriage Separation
When you've been married to the one you love for months, years or decades
- marriage separation can be very, very difficult. This is especially
true if you didn't seek the marriage separation. There is a whole
spectrum of feelings that you can experience - from grief and shock to
confusion, anger, pain and sadness. Marriage separation is just plain
hard, but you can get through it. Here are some tips on surviving
marriage separation. Â
Use the Time to Reflect Â
A marriage separation does not mean the end of your marriage. It can be
a great time to reflect on the relationship and where the problems
started. Although there may have been many, many different arguments and
disagreements, is there a central time or event that the problems came
from? By identifying the root problems in the relationship, you can help
repair the damage that has been done and prevent the same problems from
happening again. Â
Step into Your Spouse's Shoes  Â
Another thing that can really help you figure out how to fix your
marriage is stepping into your spouse's shoes. Think about the things
that bother your spouse and why? What are some of the things you do that
upsets or hurts your spouse? Be empathetic and try to realize why they
are upset by these things and what you can do to fix it. Remember this
later when you get the chance to speak with them so you can explain that
you've been thinking and what you plan on doing about those same things.Â
This will make your spouse realize that you really do care and that you
want to make things better. Â
Create a Plan of Action Â
The next thing you can do to survive your marriage separation is create a
plan of action. Based on the reflecting and thinking you've already been
doing, what can you do to save your marriage? You may have discovered
that the problems began because the two of you have a problem
communicating. So, you would need to create a plan to help the two of
you communicate better and more effectively. You may have discovered
things about yourself that could be improved - then you will want to
create a plan to deal with those things.Â
Think about the different things you can do to save your marriage,
whether it's goals and following through or marriage counseling. Again,
remember these things so that you can discuss them when you're able to
speak with your spouse. When you do discuss things with your spouse,
don't make ultimatums. Simply describe to them the things you've been
thinking about and reflecting on and see what they think about it all.Â
Chances are they've had some time to reflect themselves and may have some
important points to make as far as saving the marriage. Â
When you take the marriage separation as a time to reflect and work out
the different problems that caused the marriage to come to this point -
you can effectively work to fix those problems. By following the advice
and tips in this article, you can create a marriage saving plan and work
to build back the health, happiness and strength of your marriage.
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