Survival Tips For Divorced Mothers by primusboy


									Survival Tips For Divorced Mothers
Going from being married and settled to being divorced and wondering what
in the world you're going to do next is not easy. This is especially true
if you're a mother - there are so many different things to worry about.
There is the loss of your spouse's income, the worrying you will do for
your children and how the divorce will affect them and somewhere on the
back burner - your own fears and pain. This article is full of survival
tips for divorced mothers, helping you move on and start a new life.
Surviving the Money Issues
As you lose your spouse's income, things can become much more difficult,
especially if you were a stay at home mom previously. The first thing you
need to do is find a steady, reliable source of income to help you get
through these difficult times. Find something you are good at and apply
for jobs in your local area. While single mothers have to juggle
childcare and work, finding a job with the same hours as your child's
school hours will be helpful. If you can apply for a job in their school,
that's even better. Look at your options and think of your skills,
talents, etc. that might help you get a reliable source of income for you
and your children.
Surviving Loneliness
Another difficult thing you may have to deal with when you get divorced
is loneliness. This can be a very terrible thing to go through and there
are several ways you can reduce or eliminate your loneliness. Keep your
friends close by at this time - they will be a great source of strength
for you. Go out with them when you can and allow yourself to have a
little fun. This can do wonders for your loneliness. Family is important
too. Talk with the ones you love and let them know how you're feeling. If
the loneliness gets very difficult, consider joining some type of
counseling or group therapy. Being able to talk with others who have been
there can be very helpful.
Surviving Your Worry
Your worry for your children's feelings and emotional health will
probably be a huge source of stress for you. Talk with your kids about
their feelings and communicate with them. Of course, you want to avoid
discussing the things that caused your divorce or saying anything
negative about your ex spouse but keeping communication lines open is
very important. Ask them about their feelings and talk about your own
feelings with them. Assure them that everything is going to be fine and
that you are still a family - also, that both of their parents love them
very much. This will help them become better adjusted to the situation
and divorce.
As you become stronger, these worries and problems will not bother you as
much - but for now, it's important to focus on these things. Use the tips
and tricks in this article to help you survive divorce and the pain, fear
and stress it leaves you with.
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