Divorce in India- How Did It Happen

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					Divorce in India- How Did It Happen?
Who is really responsible for this? How did it happen? What could have
happened? The answers were not clear and it took time.
One such situation, in which the man presented his profile in style
decorated with a lot of lies. No one noticed it, it was so convincing. He
was tall, handsome and charming. His personality was conspicuous, which
impressed every one in the family. The elders were happy to find such an
impressive young man for their darling girl. He touched their feet and
sought their blessings. Isn’t he a good boy? The girl fell for him,
A top executive in a reputed company with a lucrative salary she decided
to marry him. Every one cheered; a good match indeed. Go ahead, don’t
bother much about technicalities. Let’s forget about the horoscope match.
After all, you can buy half a dozen horoscopes for a hundred. And every
Tom, Dick and Harry is an astrologer. Some of the senior family members
raised this point, but they were over ruled. They were concerned about
their darling girl’s happiness. She is so happy! That is what matters,
isn’t it?
After marriage things changed. He chose to stay at home. When there is
plenty of money in hand, why should he go to work? After all, he doesn’t
have any qualifications, except that he worked as a Butler in a British
house hold. He spoke English very well. No one suspected any thing. He
took care of the house hold activities; purchase of grocery, feeding the
pets, washing the car etc.
His wife enjoyed his compassion and consideration. But the lies
evaporated and the harsh truths came to light. She began to realize the
hopelessness of the situation. The realization hit her hard. It was a
matter of time. The case reached the Court.
In another case, it was the wife who played tricks. She wanted some spare
husbands. An award winning performance as a faithful wife lasted a long
time. Lies have a way of showing its ugly face sooner or later.
Another case for divorce reached the Court.
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