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					Small Business Health Insurance
Obtaining small group health insurance coverage for business owners can
be difficult and time consuming. Most companies choose to work with an
insurance broker to simplify the process. It is important, however, to
work with an independent broker (or agency) who is licensed with several
insurance carriers. A knowledgeable broker will allow the business owner
to compare several plans from competing companies. Using an independent
representative also allows for easy transitions should the company need
to change carriers in the future.
Claims Experience will Increase Rates
One major claim against a group health insurance policy can cause a
significant monthly or yearly rate increase to the business owner. At
this point, the administrator might consider changing plans to a
competing carrier in order to reduce premiums. In many cases, a new
health plan will allow for similar coverage at a lower rate while not
sacrificing benefits.
Additionally, recent legislation passed by Congress allows business
groups to purchase high deductible health insurance coupled with a health
savings account. These plans are also known as HSA's. Qualified health
savings accounts (coupled with high deductible insurance) are usually
less expensive and will also provide tax advantage for the insured and/or
the business purchasing the coverage.
Maintain Key Employees with Favorable Benefit Packages
Offering an attractive a benefits package is an integral part of any
successful business plan. Owners need competitive benefits to maintain
key employees and to attract new hires as operations expand. Business
owners, however, also need to balance their health, life, dental and
vision benefits with the costs associated with such plans. Gaining access
to several competing insurance illustrations can make this possible for
an employer group.
In summary, maintaining necessary benefits while keeping benefit packages
affordable is a balancing act for most companies. An experienced agency
or independent broker can help to make this process a comfortable one for
the business owner.
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A.M. Hyers has been working in the insurance and investment industry for
over ten years. He owns and operates Hyers and Associates, Inc. an
independent insurance agency doing business in Georgia, Illinois,
Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio.
His agency offers insurance products in the individual, family, and small
business group marketplace. They use the leading national insurance
carriers to quote health insurance, health savings accounts, dental, and
vision plans.
Other lines of insurance offered include life insurance, disability
insurance, and long term care insurance. They use several carriers to
quote Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Part D coverage for seniors.
Additionally, the independent agents of Hyers and Associates Inc. offer
fixed, indexed, and immediate annuity policies for individual and group
retirement plans.
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