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									Health Insurance and Accidental Injuries
If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, whether from a car
accident, slip and fall accident, or some other type of incident it is
extremely beneficial for the accident victim that has their own health
insurance coverage. Personal health insurance is helpful even if the
negligent third party responsible for the injury will be ultimately
covering your related medical bills.
With few exceptions the responsible party's insurance company will not be
making any payments until the injury case comes to a final resolution.
Consequently, having ones own medical coverage permits greater latitude
in obtaining the necessary and appropriate medical care and provides a
wider range of choices when it comes to medical providers for your
injuries. Without personal insurance an accident or injury victim must
rely on their attorney to locate the appropriate care for the victim.
This may include not only doctor referrals, but referrals in the correct
medical specialties in a convenient locale for the victim to undergo
treatment for their accident related injuries. From time to time it is
difficult to source such a health care provider, particularly if the
victim is in need of surgery.
The most typical types of insurance that an attorney sees is either work
related health insurance, and, or, any medical payments (med-pay)
benefits under the victims own personal motor vehicle insurance policy,
if a car accident related injury. In the case of personal or work related
health insurance, the money that is paid out to settle the medical bills
of the accident victim are typically reimbursable out of the proceeds of
the third party injury settlement or award. This prevents the victim from
a double recovery. Double recovery would mean that the victim's bills
would be paid, and they would keep the award for those same bills.
Obviously if there is no personal injury monies paid out by the negligent
party then there is no duty to reimburse the health insurance for what
they have paid out.
Often time's car owners have medical payments benefits ("med-pay") under
their automobile insurance policy. Med-pay benefits require the
automobile insurance company to pay reasonable and necessary medical
bills for any of the injured occupants of the car up to the predesignated
limits of the contracted benefits. In the past, many insurance companies
did not have reimbursement clauses in their car insurance policies. Today
most, but not all, car insurers have the right, per their contract of
insurance, to reimbursement of monies paid out by them from the proceeds
of the injury victim's third party settlement or award.
In most cases, the funds subjected to reimbursement are reduced by the
same percentage as the victim paid in attorney's fees. In some cases the
personal injury attorney may be able negotiate a greater reduction in the
reimbursement amount. It is important to consider the benefit
reimbursement issue when calculating what the net settlement that may be
received by the injury client. An experienced personal injury lawyer can
best advise their client on all matters surrounding insurance issues and
the reimbursement issue.
Since 1985 San Diego personal injury attorney Jeffrey Frank has been
successfully representing clients who have suffered in a variety of
accidents . As an injury lawyer in San Diego Jeffrey R. Frank offers
comprehensive legal services for accident victims across Southern

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