Jewelry and Fashion

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					Jewelry and Fashion
Since nearly the dawn of time jewelry has played a very important role in
fashion. Typically speaking, jewelry is what tops off the outfit that you
are wearing. Whether you add a lot or just one simple piece, the jewelry
that you wear accents your clothing in a way that nothing else can. The
visual impact is a very important element of fashionable jewelry and what
designers always have in mind when they are creating the pieces of
jewelry that we see. Simplicity and elegance are also important when
choosing jewelry and are trends that have never gone out of style in the
fashion world.
The jewelry that we see and wear today has changed significantly over the
past few years for both men and women alike. A more classy and elegant
look that is comfortable as well as stylish is becoming more and more
popular in the fashion world.
As fashion changes each season, so does the jewelry that accompanies it.
With the many developments in technology over the past few decades the
jewelry market has become increasingly popular. With faster equipment,
jewelry can now be cut and designed much more efficiently and given a
much more delicate and sophisticated look than ever before. If you keep
up with the fashion industry then you will notice the delicate pieces
that are worn by models when they hit the runways with the new Spring or
Fall lines. Jewelry plays an important role in fashion even during the
creation phase.
Due to the efficiency of jewelry making today, costume jewelry has made
its resurrection into the fashion world. Along with this have also come
many new and more durable metals which provide many more options for
those wearing them. No longer is pure gold the metal of choice. There are
now other metals such as platinum and titanium that are v ery beautiful
and are far less expensive in many cases. This gives jewelry lovers the
opportunity to add to their jewelry wardrobe and have many choices of
what to wear with different clothing. Designers are using these new
metals to craft ornaments that are typically worn with gold. These pieces
are highly popular and give much needed accents for many otherwise bland
or even boring clothing ensembles.
Changes in the fashion industry will definitely have an impact on the
jewelry styles and designs that we see. Looking over the past few
decades, we can see that each time a new clothing style becomes popular a
new jewelry style is introduced as well. Trends in the jewelry market
change rapidly as they will reflect the ideals of fashion at a specific
moment in time. Brooches and illuminating earrings have become a popular
choice once again.
Just as fashion is often resurrected, so are jewelry designs. If you will
notice, the clothing styles of the 1950s and 1960s made quite a comeback
recently. Jewelry designs from these eras were reintroduced as well.
Keeping up with the fashion industry in general will give you some idea
as to where the jewelry industry is heading as well. Just as the stones
in jewelry which are predominant have changed, other aspects have changed
as well. It is a continuous circle. Jewelry trends set the stage for
different fashions with their individual styles and designs just as
clothing styles do for the fashion world. The two are virtually
synonymous. One works with the other to produce a look that works.
Whether you are typically someone who enjoys wearing large and
overbearing jewelry, or you prefer a more delicate and feminine approach,
it is likely that your choice of jewelry and your taste of clothing are
highly similar in design, style, size and even color selections.
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