Branding With Banner Advertising

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					Branding With Banner Advertising
If you've spent any time surfing the Internet, you've seen more than your
fair share of banner ads. These small rectangular advertisements appear
on all sorts of web pages and vary considerably in appearance and subject
matter, but they all share a basic function: if you click on them, your
internet browser will take you to the advertisers website.
Banner advertising is the foundation of many internet marketing
campaigns. Banner advertising of your website on a high-traffic website
can do wonders for your brands identity. Banner advertising is still an
effective internet marketing tool. However banner advertising has evolved
- or rather successful banner advertising has evolved. You might have an
impression that blinking or moving banner advertising is disliked by the
viewers most. Yet it remains a fact that an ad with animation catches the
eyes earlier than a static ad.
Banner advertising is every bit as measurable and targetable as search
ads. The click through rate is definitely lower, but for the right type
of advertiser - focused on brand building rather than customer
acquisition - they are definitely still valuable. Banner advertising is
an excellent way to promote brand awareness, increase visitor traffic and
generate sales. Dynamic banner advertising is said to create a great
impact on surfers and a well written banner ad has the ability to drive
traffic into the website too. These banner ads were initially placed only
on the top panel of the websites, but with the passage of time, they have
increasingly grown to capture greater place in our websites.
The key to effective banner advertising is having a good headline. A good
technique to use is to keep the same headline on your banner ad that you
have on your entry page. Depending on where the ad is placed, some paid
banner ads can be quite expensive. One important thing to remember when
designing your banner advertising is to keep things clean and simple! One
major aspect to the success of banner advertising is file size. With the
advent of DSL and cable, this may not be as large an issue as it once was
some time ago, but keep in mind that there are still a large number of
people who use dial up services and it is they whom you must be mindful
of. Banner advertising is one of the most cost effective ways of
promoting your business online for advertisers, and for webmasters, a
great way of monetizing their web site content.
Pay per click banner advertising is a popular form of this type of
marketing. With this strategy, you pay the sites hosting your web banners
according to how many clicks each ad receives. One of the most valuable
tools for banner advertising is site statistics software. Good site
statistics software can give you all types of information that you can
use for an effective banner campaign. Banner advertising is one of many
marketing methods that companies can use to advertise their products or
services. It is also a method that many webmaster can take advantage of
as another stream of income from their website.
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