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Investing in Silver

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					Investing in Silver
Silver has awed investors of precious metals for centuries. It has been
on a long Bullish market trend for years, and for those looking for long
term investments, this white gold, or silver, fits your needs. Everyone
understands the value of silver, just as they do the value of gold, but
few realize how it has performed in the market in the past few years.
Starting in July of 2003 and heading into November of 2006, the growth of
several markets will demonstrate how much silver's value has
substantially risen. In this time period the growth of the DJIA was 35%.
Gold saw an even larger growth with an amazing 84% growth. In just 3
years your investments in the DJIA and your Gold had risen up to 84% in
value. While these numbers seem attractive, there is one more number that
might interest you, and that number is 205. Yes, silver's value had risen
205% in a span of 3 years.
The rise in its value has been attributed to the fact that the world
demand for silver has outpaced the world's supply. This has been
consistently true since 1990 after the United States released billions of
ounces of silver into the world market. America was once the largest
stockpiler of silver., but after the 90's it has been looking to get back
a lot of the silver they let loose into the market, and we all know that
as demand goes up, so do the prices.
If you own silver or would like to invest in this fine material, now is
the time to do so. It saw a 205% rise in value over 3 years, and has been
bullish for over a decade and a half. As the value of the dollar lowers,
don't you want to know something you are in possession of is still
growing in value? Silver is your answer.
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