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									Why Choose Ergonomic Chairs?
Workplace ergonomics has a huge impact on productivity (or a lack
thereof), as well as employee happiness. Ergonomics is a confusing topic
with many different applications in the office; however, one of the first
places to start practicing good ergonomics is at your desk. Several ways
exist to help create a more comfortable and productive workspace, from
using ergonomic desks, correctly setting monitor location, workspace
organization and more. However, one of the largest concerns is an
ergonomic desk chair.
What are ergonomic chairs? Simply put, these are desk chairs or task
chairs designed for the utmost in comfort and support. Where is the
support located? Why do you need these chairs? Ergonomic design results
in an excellent product that will keep your body comfortable and your
mind focused. In addition, studies have shown that correct ergonomics can
result in fewer sick days and greater happiness on the part of employees.
Here are a few things to look for in an ergonomic chair.
Back Support - The chair should provide excellent lower back support. By
maintaining the curvature of the lower spine, these chairs help alleviate
stress and strain placed on other parts of the back, neck and shoulders.
With correct sitting posture, you will find that you experience a
dramatic reduction in back pain.
Arm Support - Ergonomic chairs with cushioned armrests should be
purchased. These help alleviate strain and stress on the wrist, arms and
even the shoulders, helping to keep you productive through a longer
period of the day.
Neck Support - While not required, neck support can also help reduce the
amount of discomfort experienced while sitting at a desk. The right neck
support is an integral part of maintaining a health posture.
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