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									Resource List for Differentiation with Technology
Carol Almarez, ITRT Differentiation With Technology A Different Place: Differentiate by Interest Differentiated Instruction Strategies: Differentiated Instruction using Technology:

Differentiating Instruction with Technology by Grace E. Smith and Stephanie Throne,
International Society for Technology in Education, 2007.

Differentiation Flowchart:

Differentiation of Instruction in the Elementary Grades. Tomlison, C.A. (2000).Available at:

Enhance Learning with Tech: Differentiating Instruction:
Everything DI:

Glossary of Instructional Strategies
How to Reach the 21st Century Mind: Using Multimedia in the Classroom to Impact Instruction , by Matt
Monjan, Discovery Educator Network

The Jigsaw Classroom
Mapping a Route Towards Differentiated Instruction. Educational Leadership. Tomlison, C.A. (1999). Available at:

National Conference on Differentiated Instruction, 2006

Carol Almarez ITRT, Alleghany County


DSLCC Don’t Alienate: Differentiate!

Strategies for Differentiating Instruction (chart): Handouts/HO1DiffStrategiesChart.doc TeacherTube: ( Teaching Strategies

Technology and Differentiation Strategies for Everyday Integration, by Brandie Hatch and
Kevin McColgan, 2005

Ten Tips for Differentiation (w/technology): Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction (course by Baltimore County Public Schools 1/4/08) Using Technology to Support Diverse Learners: Why Add Technology to DI?:

PowerPoint: Role of Technology in Differentiated Instruction in Elementary Social Studies, by Betsey Barton, DOE, includes all resources, including tech-based, available from DOE website PowerPoint: Supporting Learning Styles with Technology, Office of Instructional Technology, Baltimore County Public Schools, 2004 PowerPoint: Do As I Do: Modeling Differentiation in Staff Development, by Holly Hertberg Davis, PhD, and Catherine Brighton, PhD. University of Virginia Anchoring Anchoring for Differentiation: Anchoring Activities (can often use interactive games/websites): Anchor Activities:


Carol Almarez ITRT, Alleghany County


DSLCC Don’t Alienate: Differentiate!

Using Anchoring Activities (PowerPoint): 261,1 Vocabulary Development anchor activity (can use for cubing?): Assessment (online) Quia quizzes (shared activities): Create quizzes at Quiz Center: Create quizzes with Hot Potatoes: Classroom Management Implementing Differentiated Instruction in your classroom: ppt#268,22, Creating Lifelong Learners blog: : Cubing-Think Dots Sample cubing (differentiated) lesson: 2nd Grade Social Studies cubing lesson: Paper PhotoCube 1.1 free download: Cubing ideas: Perimeter cube: Cubing Chrysanthemum: Differentiation Strategy 101: Cubing a lesson:

Curriculum Compacting Eight Steps to Curriculum Compacting Implementing Curriculum Compacting Curriculum Compacting Grades 3-5 Curriculum Compacting: A Necessity for Academic Achievement:

Carol Almarez ITRT, Alleghany County


DSLCC Don’t Alienate: Differentiate!

Graphic Organizers Enchanted Learning: Create free concept maps: Large selection of printable graphic organizers: Tools for reading, writing, and thinking: I-Search Definition: Hickory Elementary: the I-Search Process Make it Happen: The i-Search Unit Examples: Mrs. Turnbull: Best I-Searches of 2003 Web Inquiry Product Examples Children of the Past and Present An I-Search Project Interest Centers Differentiated Instruction: Interest centers: A Differentiated Classroom: Learning Contracts Differentiated Instruction: learning contracts Working Conditions for learning contracts: Elementary & Secondary learning contracts: p Learning Styles Learning Styles chart: Learning Styles strategies: Carol Almarez ITRT, Alleghany County DSLCC Don’t Alienate: Differentiate!


Learning Styles Surveys/inventories Students Learning Strengths Inventory: Learning Styles questionnaire: Good survey/profile for elementary students (several profiles in one) Learning Styles Survey (calculated online) My learning style (visual-from above survey, Montgomery Co.):

Lesson Plans Enhanced Scope & Sequence from DOE: Enhanced Scope & Sequence PLUS: (region 6): click SOL ENHANCED tab Online Differentiation lesson template: Sample lesson from Enhanced SOL/TTAC (3rd Grade English 3.6): Technology-based integration activities:

Multiple Intelligences The Nine Intelligences: Tech Connections with M.I.: Gardiner’s Multiple Intelligences-Teaching Children:

Project-based Learning Independent Study projects: Internet Project Registries: CIESE (Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education—all grade levels) collaborative online projects: Global SchoolNet project registry: Carol Almarez ITRT, Alleghany County 5 DSLCC Don’t Alienate: Differentiate!

Silverman’s Webfolio: Tutorial for Collaborative PBL: Kidlink (a variety of global online projects, collaboration, chats, etc. for kids w/teacher supervision): Monster Exchange: Flat Stanley (literacy & communications:): (global): Global Grocery List: NASA Quest (emphasis on science, engineering, space): United Nations CyberSchoolbus: Creative Connections project: National Math Trail: Journey North: Planning: Schedule: Signs of Spring: Spring Checklist (sightings):

R.A.F.T. Definitions: Glossary of Instructional Strategies Differentiated Instruction using Technology: R.A.F.T. Reading Strategy: R.A.F.T. Come Aboard a R.A.F.T. Instructional Strategies: R.A.F.T.: Examples: R.A.F.T. Writing Strategy (middle and high school) Desert Unit (3rd grade) R.A.F.T. Writing prompt for Math Class Examples of RAFT Assignments: Reading Quest strategies (older students) What a Difference a Year Makes (grades 6-8) Scaffolding:

Student Interest Surveys/Inventories: Carol Almarez ITRT, Alleghany County 6

DSLCC Don’t Alienate: Differentiate!

How & Why to Create an Interest Survey for Your Students by Judi Fenton Assessing Student Interests ProfilerPro (not for students under 13) Student Products Student product scoring guide: Product Choices chart: roductchoices.htm Types of products:

Tic-Tac-Toe/Choice boards/Menus Tic-Tac-Toe/Menu: Think-Tac-Toe & Diner Menu: p Tiered Lessons Tiered lesson plan (Causes of the civil War): 5th Grade tiered lesson plan (Matter):

1st Grade tiered lesson plan (Maps): Tiered Curriculum Project: Sample Layered Curriculum Units: Tiered Activity (4th-6th grade persuasive essay): p Tiering using multiple intelligences and Bloom’s matrix (non fiction and fiction) Webquests/Web D.I.G.s Webquests: WebQuest template: A WebQuest About WebQuests (for elementary teachers): Simple Machines Webquest: All About Explorers WebQuest: Carol Almarez ITRT, Alleghany County 7 DSLCC Don’t Alienate: Differentiate!

Web D.I.G. home page: Web D.I.G.s (create a WEB D.I.G. online: Sample Web D.I.G. (Underground Railroad):

Carol Almarez ITRT, Alleghany County


DSLCC Don’t Alienate: Differentiate!

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