Instant Astral Projection

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					Instant Astral Projection
The title of the article instant astral projection is somewhat of a
misnomer. In reality there really is no such thing as being able to
astral project in a blink of an eye. However when we refer to the idea of
instantly being able to astral project in most cases we are referring to
those tools and aids that can assist us in how to astral project easier.
The main tool most astral experts recommend is the use of binaural beats.
Binaural beats is a fancy term for music or tones that aid the mind in
being able to focus properly. By keeping the mind properly focused makes
astral projection easy. It has been shown that astral connections tend to
occur when the brain operates at certain frequencies. Binaural beats aids
the mind to achieve and hold on to the frequencies. This is what can
create the idea of instant astral projection.
Learning concentration is key in successfully being able to learn how to
astral project. The problem for most people is a stray thought tends to
jump into the mind at just the moment when you begin to feel the
sensation of astral projection. Our minds then have a tendency to grab
onto those stray thoughts and the next thing you know your attempt at
projecting into the astral realm has now turned into a glorified day
Binaural beats help to hold the minds ability to focus on one thing and
increases the speed at which the brain can achieve those frequencies at
which astral projection is possible. For most people having this kind of
help makes the difference between struggling to astral project and being
able to successfully astral project.
T Nantais has written more on the subject of astral projection at where he reviews the top
books found on the subject and reviews the best techniques to help people
learn how to astral project successfully.