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How to Create Your Own White Magick Spells Chants


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									How to Create Your Own White Magick Spells Chants
Once you learn how to create your own white magick spells chants, you
won't need other people to give you spells. It can be helpful and easier
to use other peoples spells, however, it's more powerful to create your
You will also need to know what herbs and plants and colors and such have
what magical powers to help you make your own spells. Simply add these
herbs, plants, and colors to your spell work based on the outcome you
want to create. For example, red is often associated with love and force.
Add your own white magick spells chants, and you have a spell.
To make your own white magick spells chants, you need to think about what
words mean to you. For example, you may use the word love, however, it
may be a bad thing for you. What you may really be looking for is
companionship. It is important to be clear about what you want. When I
say love, I am thinking about something completely different than you are
as love is different to me. I also have different expectations of love
and the person I fall in love with than you do.
The same is true for anything else from money, to power, to advancing in
your career. Once you are clear about what you really want, now you just
need to create a white magick spells chants for it. Many people like to
make them rhyme. However, this isn't necessary. The rhyming isn't as
important as the power of the words themselves and your connection to
The more emotional you are about a word, the more powerful your spell
will be. Simply put together a little poem or saying about what you want
using the correct words that you have a strong emotional feeling about
and you have yourself your white magick spells chants.
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