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									Tribal Scorpion Tattoos and Their Meanings
Tribal tattoos go back to the ancient times. People like the Aztecs, the
Celts, the Egyptians and many other were using tattoos for various
reasons. Sometimes, tattoos were used for adornment purposes, sometimes
to show the person's rank or it could be a way of defining one tribe from
the next. These tribal tattoos also had religious significance and
temporary tattoos were used during battles.
African tribes would often use temporary tattoos to make themselves seem
more frightening and as a way of intimidating their foes. In modern
times, the tribal designs are among the top requested design by both men
and women. The sleekness of the black and bold tribal tattoo screams
masculinity and strength. Most of the time, these tribal tattoos depict
an animal or a bird. Take the tribal scorpion tattoos for example; it is
among the most requested for men while a more feminine flower or a bird
is often chosen by women.
Today's modern interpretations are often not too far flung from the
designs that were used during ancient times. Rather, what we have now is
a combination of the two. The 1990's movement contributed largely to the
resurrection of these designs and made them more popular. Those were the
hybrids that mixed both the modern and ancient undertones of the designs.
Today, besides the more traditional ones you can also see stylized
versions that depict fairies as well as other mythical creatures. With
its popularity continuously growing, a resurgence of more traditional
styles can also be seen. With that said it's safe to assume that the
tribal scorpion tattoos are here to stay for years and years to come.
After all, what could be more classic than a nice, bold black tattoo?
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