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									                                                             We’re Here For You
                                                             We are available for clients and non-clients alike, so
                                                             if you have comments, questions, or suggestions,
Led by Kyle Norton, Esq., the Norton Law Group,              or would like additional information about our
PLLC. is an industry leader in loss mitigation and           comprehensive services, please contact us in the
loan modifications. In addition to handling mortgage         manner that is most convenient for you. Norton Law
modifications, the law firm also fights cases of             Group PLLC. is a trusted firm and we pride ourselves
predatory lending, foreclosure defense, short sales and      on customer service – and good customer service
other legal services. Norton Law Group’s network of          begins with listening.
attorneys work to provide comprehensive solutions for
its clients.                                                 Talk to our modification and loss mitigation
As a leader in handling mortgage modifications,              specialists seven days a week. You’ll have peace
Norton Law Group sets out to create effective yet            of mind knowing that our attorneys and staff are
affordable options for homeowners facing mortgage            working on your case around the clock and are
difficulties. The firm’s programs are based upon             accessible at your convenience.
extensive research of consumer credit laws, newly
created federal programs, credit bureau tactics, and
persistence on behalf of our clients. Our programs          Contact us today for a free consultation with
have helped thousands of Americans obtain a monthly        one of the attorneys in our nationwide network.
mortgage payment that they are comfortable paying.
                                                                  (631) 328-5040 ext. 214
The firm understands that everyone’s financial
situation is unique. That is why we offer comprehensive,                          or visit
personalized, and proven modification and loss                   www.NortonLawGroup.com
mitigation programs that get results. The firm’s
attorneys and legal professionals understand the
importance of providing individualized services that
are tailor-made to effectively meet your personal
financial needs and
provide you with
renewed financial
optimism and a
valuable savings of
time and money.                                                                                                       “ An industry leader in
                                                                                                                         loss mitigation and
The Norton Law
Group’s experienced
attorneys and staff
have over 30 years                                                                                                      loan modifications ”
of experience in
the mortgage and
real estate industries. We service clients nationwide to
provide you with superior customer support, no matter
what state you reside in.
      Stop Foreclosure                                                           Loan & Mortgage Modifications
       The Norton Law Group can help stop                         Loan Modification Programs                                   If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you
            foreclosure on your home.                                                                                          may be entitled to a mortgage modification with your
                                                                  Norton Law Group PLLC. is the industry leader in             current mortgage company WITHOUT refinancing!
Good people sometimes need a second chance. Most
                                                                  fighting cases of predatory lending, loan modifications,
foreclosures are a result of an unexpected life event, such as:
                                                                  and foreclosure defense. Our professional staff is trained
  •   Death in the family                                         in various methods and techniques to modify our              •   Are you in a loan you cannot afford?
  •   Difficult and costly divorce                                client’s loan(s) and negotiate affordable terms and          •   Are you late on your mortgage payments?
  •   Loss or change of jobs                                      payments with their current lender.                          •   Do you think you are the victim of predatory lending?
  •   Health problems with expensive medical bills                                                                             •   Are you having difficulties refinancing?
  •   Predatory lending                                           The firm’s attorneys and analysts look at your case          •   Are you in an ARM loan that keeps adjusting up and up?
                                                                  individually based on your financial situation, past and     •   Are you no longer able to afford your monthly payment?
A foreclosure is something that can happen when you               present. The goals include stopping foreclosure, keeping     •   Is your mortgage set to adjust soon?
get behind on your mortgage loan. Your lender won’t               you in your home, and establishing a financial plan with     •   Has your home decreased in value?
automatically put you into a program to bring your loan           loan payments you can truly afford. Norton Law Group         •   Have you had a notice of default or are you close to foreclosure?
up-to-date. Let our trained professionals analyze your            doesn’t want to give you a band-aid but a permanent
financial situation to stop the foreclosure action.               solution and foundation from which to build your
Although lenders do not want to foreclose, if it can              financial future.
be avoided, they do want to make sure you can follow                                                                           A mortgage modification changes your existing
through on any promises you make to bring your                                                                                 mortgage note and gives you a fresh new start in
account current. Our staff will help you understand                                                                            managing your home. The firm negotiates with your
the foreclosure process,                                                                                                       lender to lower your interest rate and extend your loan
walking you through it                                                                                                         for a longer period of time, modifying the loan amount
step by step.                                                                                                                  to a more affordable level.
The firm works to negotiate                                                                                                    Your mortgage payments can also be brought current
out-of-court resolutions                                                                                                       which can improve your credit scores. If you cannot
of government and non-                                                                                                         catch up with the past-due amount on your mortgage,
government mortgage                                                                                                            we will negotiate with your lender to fold any past-due
delinquencies and fore-                                                                                                        amounts, including interest and escrow, into the unpaid
closure claims against                                                                                                         principal balance.
homeowners. These can be
FHA, Rural Administration,                                                                                                     A large number of clients will find themselves using
VA, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae or conventional loans,                                                                             a mortgage modification to stop foreclosure on their
which have become delinquent, or adjustables that are                                                                          home. Do not wait until it’s too late. Let the Norton Law
not delinquent.
                                                                  Mortgage Modification Programs                               Group help you get an affordable loan, and get back on
                                                                                                                               track, so you can save your home.
                                                                  A mortgage modification can help you stop foreclosure,
Options to Prevent the Sale of your Home                          avoid bankruptcy, reduce your monthly payment and
• Forbearance                • Modification of your Loan          bring your late mortgage payments current. All this           Contact us today for a free consultation with
• Repayment Plans            • Short Sale                         can be accomplished without refinancing and without          one of the attorneys in our nationwide network.
• FHA / Partial Claim        • Deed in Lieu                       incurring closing costs.                                                (631) 328-5040 ext. 214

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