Feminine Tattoo Designs - Making the Right Choice to Live With by primusboy


									Feminine Tattoo Designs - Making the Right Choice to Live With
Feminine tattoo designs are a lot more intricate than men's tattoo
designs; there is a lot more detail to fit into something which will be
smaller. Choosing the right design is a very important process and
shouldn't be rushed, I took over a year before I found the right design
for me. The odds are very slim that if you rush finding a tattoo design
that you will still like it in 5 years, make sure that you have picked
the right one, if the right one isn't out there, either adapt one that
you like or have one designed just for you.
Have you given any thought to the position of your tattoo? Even though
feminine lower back tattoos are the most popular at the moment, they are
followed closely by breast and butt tattoos so if you are a little bit
shy you may want to have a look in your area for a female tattooist,
although the male tattooists have probably tattooed just about every part
of a woman's body.
There are so many feminine tattoo designs that you might feel a little
over whelmed by them all, the best way to choose is to already have an
idea of what you want and search through those, otherwise you may end up
with a spur of the moment design which you will hate in 12 months.
Choosing a feminine tattoo should be a process, design, shape, size,
location and color.
The design has to be something that you can live with for many years to
The shape of the tattoo should reflect your overall body shape, although
this may change when you become older more and more women are taking care
of their bodies.
The tattoo size is an obvious one, you don't want it to look out of place
and have people staring for all of the wrong reasons.
The location of feminine tattoos is really down to the individual, I had
my first tattoo on my thigh because I was told that it would hurt less on
fleshy parts of the body, I had my next one on my back which I can cover
at work and show off when I'm out.
Coloring is something which gets overlooked as part of the process, if
you choose a tribal tattoo in black and grey it bay look very bold, if
you add a little color, a splash of blue and some green on the branches
it will look a lot more colorful but it will also tone the whole tattoo
down a bit so it doesn't look so bold.
Finding the right feminine tattoo designs is only half the battle, you
need a hygienic studio and a tattooist with a reputation that you can
trust, this can be done easily by word of mouth and recommendations from
friends. A tattoo is an open wound for a short period and the risk of
infection is high, follow any and all instructions for aftercare and keep
the area clean and dry, also avoid sun bathing for at least 8 weeks.
If you've made up your mind and you are ready to look at some of the most
beautiful feminine designs which you will be proud to call your own, then
keep reading.
I have done extensive research to find just what every woman needs when
looking for the perfect design and you can read more about it here -
Feminine Tattoo Designs

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