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									Beautiful Feminine Belly Tattoos
Beautiful feminine belly tattoos really do look amazing, when a woman
approaches you with one of these it really does draw your eye to her
naval. This style of design dates back a few hundred years and was mainly
seen (or not seen) on Indian women. Many women now have the naval pierced
as well as a belly tattoo which does look very stunning if the design is
right for the person. You should also check with a tattooist or body
piercer to establish the time frame between gett ing a tattoo done and
then a piercing or vice versa.
Getting your belly tattooed does not necessarily mean the naval; there
are feminine tattoo designs which seem to go from the side of the breast
and come on to the side of the belly. Tattoos such as this are very
intricate because they are usually made to look like stems from a rose
bush or exotic plant.
Finding a design for beautiful feminine belly tattoos can be difficult as
they are not in the top list of favorites for women. If you have read any
of my other articles you will know that I have a few tattoos and am
actually planning on having a couple more before I call it a day, well! A
belly tattoo is very high on my list for my next one but I am thinking of
having it done in really bright blues, reds and greens so that it stand
out when I'm at the beach.
The naval tattoo can be a little awkward to look after, I don't mean
hygienically, I mean that to look after a tattoo like this, you would
have to keep yourself in pretty good shape otherwise it's going to get
bigger and sag.
If you have the body for belly tattoos then go for it, but only after you
have weighed up the pro's and con's of having it there. If you are a
young woman you have to also take into consideration, what happens to
your belly when you're pregnant? That small tattoo that you have around
your naval may suddenly start to look like an ever nearing planet as you
Belly tattoos should be given the same consideration as lower back
tattoos, with a loose fitting or cropped top, people would be intrigued
by them.
This is the important part: if you are considering getting a tattoo
around your naval, you need to consider the aftercare, when it's hot
weather or your body is hot you may get a build up of sweat in your naval
(I know it's gross but it happens) and keeping this clean and germ free
could be a problem. Ask the tattooist for any special instructions for
naval tattoos before you have one.
If you've made up your mind and you are ready to look at some of the most
beautiful feminine designs which you will be proud to call your own, then
keep reading.
I have done extensive research to find just what every woman needs when
looking for the perfect design and you can read more about it here -
Beautiful Feminine Belly Tattoos

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