Angel Wings Tattoos - Picking The Right Wings For You

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					Angel Wings Tattoos - Picking The Right Wings For You
Angel wings tattoos come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and types.
Dependant on what you are trying to portray with your angel wings, will
determine which wings are the right choice for you. When choosing your
angel wings a few things need to be considered before settling on your
If you've ever seen any depictions of angels you know that even the
angels themselves come in all sorts of varieties so it only makes sense
that so too do the wings. You can go with grand wings such as the
archangels or the small cute wings of cupid. You can also go more towards
the Gothic side and choose dark wings or wings of broken angels which
aren't so pretty in nature. They could be missing feathers or as perfect
as you decide. As said previously, it all depends on your personal style
and that which you are depicting.
Ultimately, like any tattoo design how your angel wings tattoo looks and
where it is placed is up to you and your individual preferences. The
symbolism you have them for is completely your own as too can the design
and style of your wings be. You are only limited by imagination as to how
creative or personalized your angel wings are. If you seek conformity in
the style you can find sources for your design all around you, even when
wanting something unique, look around you at the various wing types and
elaborate or customize them till they are truly yours.
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