3 Star Tattoo Ideas

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					3 Star Tattoo Ideas
Star tattoos are excellent choices for getting inked. There are various
options you have for star tattoos. Here are 3 excellent star tattoo
1. Nautical star.
The nautical star tattoo has a rich tattoo history. Starting with navy
men who got this design inked as a symbol for strength, guidance and
finding ones way home from safely from battle, the nautical star has
continued to be popular throughout the years. Punks, military, mixed
martial arts fighters and many other groups have chosen the nautical star
as their favorite choice of ink.
2. Modern star.
There are many modern star tattoo ideas that you definitely want to look
into if you are looking at star designs. Some of these can really pop
out, while other modern designs are great for background or accompanying
other designs. While the nautical star is more classic, the modern star
is more of a current style with many variations. Online tattoo galleries
will have excellent examples of modern star designs.
3. Multiple stars.
Star tattoo ideas do not have to be limited to just one star. Matter of
fact many feel that getting multiple stars is the way to go. There are
very few tattoos that you can get away with having duplicated within the
same tattoo space as you can with stars. Multiple stars can stand on
their own, or they can accompany a different image. Some people make sure
to leave space for additional star tats to be added in the future.
Sometimes each star will represent a person, a situation, or a life
changing experience in a persons life.
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