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					Loan Modification Options-Things You Should Know!
The Loan Modification options provides for either a permanent change in one or more of the terms of a mortgagor's loan, which allows a loan to be
reinstated and results in a payment the mortgagor can afford. Find out if you are eligible and the procedures by reviewing this helpful information
published by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Whether or not you are eligible under HUD guidelines, rates and terms as well as qualifying for a loan modification are at the lenders discretion. You
have choices on how to go about attempting to modify your existing mortgage and you can certainly try it on your own as many do. If you would like
the forms, example of hardship letters along with some sound advice, contact us and we will be more than happy to provide it for free.

Some homeowners that are struggling with their mortgage payments or facing foreclosure may choose to hire a real estate attorney or search loan
modification companies rather than going it alone due to the fact an attorney may drive a more positive result, or other avenues have failed. Navigating
through the mortgage lender's loss mitigation department can be difficult at times, similar to the stories told of the Bermuda Triangle. I mean things just
disappear! Keeping in mind the lender or loan servicing company is just trying to collect a debt and make a loan perform for the investor.

Debt collections is different than loan modifications being that people have been collecting debt for over a couple hundred years and doing loan mods
for 6 months . I have heard horror stories from clients just trying to get through to loss mitigation departments by phone or worse yet once contact is
made; lost faxes, poor results, declines, unaffordable forbearance agreements, or going into foreclosure.

Remember...the lender is mainly trying to collect delinquent payments, not give you 2.50% fixed for 5 years on a 5.00% 30 year fixed and knock
$100,000 of your principal loan balance. Yes, these things may be possible. They are done on a case by case basis and must be properly negotiated
to get the most favorable short and long term results. Hiring a qualified attorney is usually going to get better results.

Be very careful when doing a loan modification!

In many cases we have seen clients hurt themselves by telling or showing the lender certain things they should not. You must understand, the
personnel in the loss mitigation dept. are highly trained at negotiating and collecting past due mortgage payments. This is why the lender will normally
not consider a modification unless you are 3 or more payments behind.

This is why the lender wants to see you have some money available to send them immediately and they will consider a modification after 3 months of
higher payments made on time. Unfortunately, most of the time we see clients have defaulted again thus causing more fees and possibly back in the
foreclosure process.

A loan modification is a long term solution, modified forbearance agreements are designed by the lenders to just get paid. Of coarse they will negotiate
with you to get caught up, requiring a portion of the arrearages to be paid up front to reinstate the loan or to stop foreclosure.

Be Very careful doing a loan modification with a Loan Modification Company!

There are several loan modification companies/loss mitigation companies advertising success rates, money back guarantees, large principal
reductions, 4.50% 30 year fixed rates and I can go on and on and on. A company in Los Angeles boasts a "Home Equity Leveling program where you
pay them $1500 up front for processing then 1% of the loan amount when they get you a huge principal reduction, with NO CREDENTIALS. Please!

The worse I have heard was a company that tells you they freeze your payments for 5 months and you make reduced monthly payments to them while
they negotiate with your lender. I mean, this so called attorney backed loan modification company is getting home owners to pay the ridicules monthly
fees and getting no results. Let's put it like this, just check with the Attorney Generals Office as there has already been cases filed against stop
foreclosure and loan modification companies.

I am not saying that everyone's dishonest or will stop at nothing to get a sale; I am just saying that few are operating legally or know what they're
doing. Make sure to do your research, ask questions, and ask to speak with the attorney or better yet what his name is.

It's unfortunate that most home owners are stuck in this spot in the first place that they would be taken again. Several loan modification companies
boast the fact that an Attorney handles the negotiation or they are "Attorney backed" "Attorney Assisted". "Attorney Based" or "Our In House
Attorneys". The sales people have titles like "Loan Modification Specialist",Loan Modification Expert" or "Stop Foreclosure Consultant" I find this quite
Now, I may be partial because I am an attorney and my law firm hires only experienced attorneys, paralegals and bank negotiators to handle client's
files. But the truth is, my staff is compassionate and knows what they're doing. They know what a loan modification looks like and how to negotiate
with the lender. Better yet, you are working with a law office.

What's a real loan modification look like?

It should look like a 30 year fixed rate between 5.00% and 6.00% allowing a borrower the long term ability to pay. If that is not affordable to the client
there are other options depending on the investor, who is servicing the loan and the extenuating circumstances.

Modifying the terms of the existing mortgage may also include a discounted rate fixed for a period of 3 to 5 years then gradually increase to a fair
market fixed rate up to 40 years.

A lender may also opt to reduce the principal balance or forgive part or all of a 2nd mortgage if presented with a valid case. Basically, a real loan
modification will look like a reasonable long term solution for both parties, creating a "win-win" solution with a make sense approach.

In certain instances lenders have lowered the interest rate as low as 2.50% due to extreme hardships and the borrowers desire to keep their home.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:Loan Modification Program for Distressed Indymac Federal Mortgage Loans

Where should borrowers interested in the program call to apply?

Borrowers who are delinquent or who are experiencing financial hardship and are falling behind on their IndyMac Federal mortgage should call
1-800-781-7399 to speak with an IndyMac Federal customer service representative or visit the FDIC website.

You can also visit the IndyMac Federal website to get most your questions answered.

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