Balancing Equations Handout - PH by fjwuxn


									SCIENCE 10 CHEMISTRY                                    Name:    _________________
Balancing Equations
Balance the following & give the mass for each chemical.
  Note: Some of them might seem to be wrong… just keep going – they are right.

       a.   NaN3         Na + N2

       b. H2SO4 +     B2(CO3)3          B2(SO4)3 +   H2 O +    CO2

       c. FeS2 +   Cl2         FeCl3 + S2Cl2

       d. P4 + O2           P2O5

       e. Magnesium + Chlorine [g]          Magnesium Chloride

       f. Silicon reacts with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to form Silicon Carbide (SiC), and
          Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)

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