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					Business Success with Brian Tracy
A mentor that I have not yet met is Brian Tracy. I have read two of his
books, and have been looking for more information recently on goal
setting, priorities and success.
The books that I have read are "Eat that Frog" and "Goals". I would
highly recommend both books to anyone wanting to achieve success in any
Eat That Frog - focuses on eliminating procrastination.
Brian's method is to tackle on the most challenging task that you must
perform on a given day. This is that task that is likely to be the most
critical in achieving the things that you absolutely have to do. Once the
most challenging task has been dealt with, the rest of your day will be
much easier, and you will feel that you are making progress.
As an example, I live in a rural area and was working on fencing with a
friend. We had 3 fence post holes to dig, 2 in sandy soil, and one was
between two enormous rocks. We thought that the hole between the two
rocks would be the most difficult, expecting to strike rock within
minutes of starting the hole. I chose to dig the hole between the rocks
first. My reasoning was:
the rocky place looked to be the most difficult as we may strike rock;
we were both physically fresh at the start of the day;
once we had finished the hole between the rocks the remaining ones would
be easy.
As things turned out our fears about hitting rock and having to chisel
through the rock were imaginary. We didn't run into any problems in
digging. I guess that is another lesson on how our imagination can make
potential problems become roadblocks on the way to success. We were happy
after completing the first hole, because our perceived problem had been
dealt with, so we were happier in digging the second and third hole,
knowing that the 'difficult' one was behind us.
Goals - presents a system for achieving goals.
Goals provides you with a system for achieving whatever it is that you
want in life. Goals works through the process of deciding what is most
important to you and provides strategies for achieving those objectives.
It explains how set goals and how to keep on track in achieving them.
My day job is in IT, and some of the concepts presented are prevelent in
project management, such as planning, time management and monitoring
achievement against goals or tasks, but there are a number of concepts
that I have not seen used in projects that would benefit timely
achievement of any IT development.
Brian discusses the use of the subconscious mind in achieving goals, and
this is the area were success really happens. Our conscious mind can find
a whole range of reasons why we should not achieve our goals, but we can
use our subconcious as a tool to make us more successful than we had ever
thought possible. Our subconscious is a most powerful goal targeting
machine. If you want to understand more of how the subconscious works,
get this book, or read Psyco-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, or listen to
the 'Miracle Man' - Morris Goodman.
For more information available on Brian Tracy, go to the website
appearing below.
I noticed that Brian has developed a number of online courses which will
be of massive benefit for anyone wanting to achieve something either
personally or professionally. For more information on Brian Tracy
University, go to the website appearing below
To your success,
Neil Shepherd
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