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					Yes, You Can Afford to Keep Golfing!
Even when economic times are tough, there's no need to give up your
favorite hobby. With a few minor changes in your habits, you can enjoy
golfing the same way you always have. Here a few tips to keep you "in the
swing" without pinching your wallet!
Instead of: Purchasing a brand-new driver, wedge, or iron set
Try: Buying a mint condition used or certified pre -owned club. These
clubs are often indistinguishable from new, with just minor shop wear.
Used clubs are also perfect for those just entering the sport, as they
offer a chance to try out a club before investing a lot of money. Many
used clubs have a money-back guarantee, to ensure your peace of mind.
Instead of: shelling out lots of money for new golf balls
Try: Buying used balls instead. You'll find nearly -new, reconditioned
balls from major makers like Callaway, Nike, TaylorMade, Titleist and
more, at a savings of up to 40% off the new prices. You won't be able to
tell the difference, and the savings will add up quickly.
Instead of: paying full price for a pair of golf shoes
Try: purchasing clearance or on sale golf shoes. These shoes are usually
overstocks, last year's models, or discontinued items. They are in brand -
new condition, but the savings over new shoes can be considerable.
Also, keep an eye out for coupons and discounts. Many websites
periodically offer coupons such as Buy One Get One Free, 10% off, and
free shipping on all orders. Check your favorite sites frequently to see
their latest deals!
There's no reason to think of golf as an expensive hobby. It can be fit
into the most frugal lifestyle with ease. So keep enjoying your time on
the greens, knowing that you're saving a bundle!
Amanda Moralis is the email and affiliate marketing manager at, an online retailer of new and pre-owned golf equipment.
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