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Golf Mental Training No Thanks


									Golf Mental Training? No Thanks, I'd Rather Work On My Swing
The hacker and social golf fraternities are a haven for people that don't
believe in Golf Mental Training. At times I have asked some of them if
they want to lower their handicap - among the negative answers were: "I'm
not that serious a player" and "I've had this handicap for years. I
couldn't improve if I tried." Start to mention anything about a mental
game and the conversation is usually over soon after.
So is it ignorance, misconception or arrogance? It depends on the player.
First off, the word 'mental' can still mean something bad for a lot of
people. Then for many there is - albeit incorrectly - a big line drawn
between the golf swing game and the golf mental game. Lastly, the topic
of Golf Mental Training is so broad that players may shun one type, while
using another without understanding that they come from the same stock.
Golf Mental Training will assist the player to:
- Approach each game, hole and shot correctly.
- Keep a clear mind.
- Maintain a winning focus regardless of game progress.
The result? Substantial benefits for the swing game and the score.
Golf Mental Training - The Approach to Game, Hole and Shot
One way to apply Golf Mental Training is in the approach to each level of
a players round. At game level, the player can take stock of the upcoming
game, conquering any nerves/apprehensions, even researching the course
before they arrive on the 1st tee. At hole level the player can plan
their trip to the flag before they tee off - maybe taking a slightly less
inviting tee direction for the sake of an easier approach. At shot level
they can process the lie of the ball, any obstructions, wind, club
Here it is already evident that some of the people who shun the term Golf
Mental Training are already applying a mental game without realising.
Only the most amateur of golfers refuse to process the above in some
manner during a game. The difference is in how thoroughly it is done.
Golf Mental Training is all about teaching the player to structure the
process. Through practice and discipline, each task can eventually be
transferred from the conscious to the sub-conscious. And every task that
requires no conscious thought is one less task the player risks
Golf Mental Training - Keeping a Clear Mind
Of the mental states players have to conquer while on the course, the
most immediate is stress. Some players arrive at the course stressed;
others start out just fine...
Many people - both on and off the course - underestimate the physical
effect of stress. Of particular importance to a players golfing game is
the effect this stress can have on the muscles around the spine. The
spine is the axis around which the swing plane should rotate. How can a
golfer play at their peak if that axis is tight and movement is
Golf Mental Training to combat stress involves relaxation and mind
clearing. And the effect goes well beyond the golf course. This is a
skill that can be used anywhere. The benefit? The more you use it off the
course, the less you'll need it on.
Golf Mental Training - Keeping a Winning Focus
The second most immediate mental state to overcome on the golf course is
There is a very physical explanation for saying 'Mind Over Matter'. I
will give it in the simplest of terms as a scientific explanation is much
too complex for this article. Suffice it to say, there is a particular
part of the human brain that has one function. Turn thoughts into
Let that sink in. It has a remarkable relevance to your score. How many
negative thoughts does your game involve prior to, during and after each
shot? Golf Mental Training that combats negativity involves both
visualization of the shots ahead and the often-mocked "Winners Attitude".
You can easily become the golfer who maintains absolute faith in the
worst of situations. It may not have you win every time, but you sure
will begin to achieve shots you thought impossible.
It's Really Not That Different
All aspects of Golf Mental Training and the wider golf game are related.
Planning gives a good shot. Good shot gives you confidence. Success helps
you relax. Relaxed body gives you a cleaner swing. Cleaner swing will
give you more distance...
You won't find any part of Golf Mental Training that doesn't affect your
game. It directly affects your swing and has a tangible effect on your
score. Disciplined use of Golf Mental Training allows you to successfully
"measure twice, cut once" time and time again.
Mind over matter. How much better could your score be?
Phil Nickols - Golf Swing Training Aids and

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