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					Does CCleaner Really Work?
Is your computer running slow? Are you just going to accept it just like
that? Well, guess what? You can do something about it. You have the power
to make your computer run faster and function better. We often think that
the reason for a computer that is slowing down is that it needs to be
upgraded and replaced. Truth is, there could be a reason why your system
is running slower. And replacing it is not the solution. The problem
could lie in the registry of your computer. This is where registry
cleaners come in. they will clean your PC and repair it and remove the
unnecessary files that clutters you registry. The registry repair tool
will remove all the obsolete data that has build up over the years which
made your computer run slow. Run the registry cleaner and you will
appreciate the wonders it will do for you. Your PC will run fast again
and you do not need to replace it anymore.
There are many cleaners in the market today but we will just focus on one
of them: CCleaner. Even though it is losing out to Reg Machine on the
ease of use and to Registry Medic on technical support, it is still
considered as the best registry cleaner in the market by the netizens.
You may wonder why it is still the best. CCleaner is a freeware and can
easily be downloaded. It also has a powerful scan engine. This is the
main reason why it is still the choice. It is very accessible too as long
as you have a computer that is connected to the internet. Its scan engine
two complete scans that look for unnecessary files that are not needed in
your computer. The initial scan is the standard scan that most registry
cleaners have, the one that searches for the unnecessary and unwanted
files that are cluttering up your registry. The second scan is the one
that guards the interest of Windows, it filters out those files that are
taken apart from the first scan and see what problems can arise on the
operating system if they were to be removed. After analyzing, it will not
remove any junk or unneeded files that will cause a problem for the
computer when removed because they might still be used.
These factors are what made CCleaner to be the best registry cleaner. It
ensures that you will not destroy your own computer as you are repairing
it. The best part is that it is free and there are regular updates that
you can download to keep your registry cleaner updated with the latest
database in order to fully protect your computer. With this registry
repair software, you are kept abreast of the latest technology and the
latest registry-related errors. Having these, you will be able to prevent
crashes and freezes of your PC. And whenever you have questions or
clarifications, you can always be certain that the tech support will be
there to assist you!
Richard A. Woods is a Senior Computer Programmer and Analyst for the last
18 years. Find out which is the Best Registry Cleaner to get your
computer working at top speed!