5 Tips Every Beginning Golfer Should Know

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					5 Tips Every Beginning Golfer Should Know!
First off, congratulations on the new hobby! If you approach it
correctly, golf will lead to a lifetime of exercise, satisfaction, and
good stress relieving habits. Here are 5 tips every beginning golfer
should know in order to golf better and feel better.
You will find a million resources on how to swing the club better. This
is not a swing tutorial. While the swing is responsible for your golf
score, there is a lot more to the game of golf, and those important
aspects are frequently missed.
First, get a lesson. In fact, get a lesson every couple of months. The
only real way to learn what the right way to swing the club for you
specifically and what is not the right way is to get a lesson from a
certified PGA golf pro.
Second, is practice. While golfing on the course is always fun, you
should be spending a significant amount of time on the driving range and
putting green, particularly the putting green. Practicing what the golf
pro teaches you is the absolute best way to improve your score, your
fitness, and your frame of mind.
Learn the rules. Golfers take their game seriously. It is also unique in
that a lot of trust is put on each individual golfer to monitor
themselves and their own adherence to the rules. If you do not learn the
rules, you can't abide by them, and you'll be cheating. Nobody likes a
Avoid slow play. Golfers love their rules and hate slow players. Learn
how to play faster so you will never be holding up the group behind you.
Have fun! Always remember why you took up golf in the first place. You
should be having fun on the course. It's easy to get caught up in how bad
your score is, and how you always seem to hit the ball in the woods, but
forget about that stuff and just have fun!
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