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									Sell Your Photos To Magazines
There are magazines all over the world on every topic imaginable, so if
you have taken an amazing photo there is a good chance that a magazine
somewhere would like to consider it, and maybe, to publish it.
Magazines have traditionally been one of the main markets for freelance
photographers with many magazines paying hundreds of dollars for a single
cover image.
During your next visit to your local bookstore, take a good look at all
the shelves of popular magazines. All those publications represent a
tremendous opportunity for freelance photographers.
How Much Will You Earn?
Magazines tend to pay different fees depending upon the size that the
photo appears in the magazine, and where it appears.
Typical fees for a cover photo in a regional magazine range from $200 to
$700. A full page photo inside the magazine might pay $75 to $300. As the
photos get smaller, the fee range does too.
This is just a rough indication, and ultimately each magazine sets its
own prices.
Here are some examples of rates paid by some popular magazines for cover
Alaska Magazine seeks to depict life in Alaska through high-quality
images of its people, places and wildlife. Assignments are negotiated in
advance. Other fees for photos are: cover $500, double page $400, full
page $300, half page $150, quarter page $75.
British Columbia Magazine is a quarterly travel magazine looking for
fresh, unusual approaches to familiar landmarks and subjects, as well as
seeking out the rare, exotic, strange, unfamiliar, and remote. Photo
rates are: cover $700, double page $400; one page plus: $300; front cover
inset: $200; one page: $200; half page: $150; one third page or less:
Women in the Outdoors covers a variety of outdoor sports and activities
including camping, fishing, hiking, shooting, hunting, canoeing, boating
and bird watching. Pays: cover $400, double page $175, full page $125,
half page $100.
Conservationist is a non-profit magazine published bi-monthly by the New
York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Typical topics
include fishing, hunting, nature viewing, and outdoor recreation. Pays:
cover photos $50, other $15.
These are just a few examples of magazines that purchase freelance
photography and all of them have guidelines for photographers on their
web sites.
Some Magazines Expect Exclusivity
Some magazines require exclusivity on any photos you submit, or they
might ask that you do not submit the same photograph to a similar
publication for a certain period of months or years. So be sure to check
the magazine's guidelines for photographers carefully so you know what
you are agreeing to when you submit your photos.
Michael Kryzer is the author of "Sell Your Digital Photos". If you would
like to learn how to sell your photos and have access to a database of
hundreds of magazine markets for photographers, visit

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