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									Dallas Commercial Real Estate
Commercial real estate could include several categories of real estate
like industrial, retail, investment or office. Commercial real estate
stands for property that is used for a business or investment venture
that has the potential to provide a return on the money spent. In Dallas,
commercial real estate goes largely by the same classification and
consists of the aforementioned categories. The main players in the
commercial real estate scene in Dallas are brokers, mortgage brokers,
architects, property managers, and lending agencies.
As in any big city, commercial real estate in Dallas is situated mainly
in downtown Dallas, with its sprawling skyscrapers that vary in their
architectures and sizes. The one- and two-storied commercial buildings
that dot the downtown area typically accommodate restaurants and night
clubs. The recent practice has been to convert some of the old commercial
buildings into lofts. Some of the fastest-moving commercial properties in
Dallas are retail space, high rise offices, downtown lofts, warehouses
and industrial plots, and executive suites. Apart from downtown Dallas,
the nearby cities of Plano and Hurst are areas of commercial real estate
The North Texas Commercial Association of Realtors and the North Texas
Commercial Association of Real Estate Professionals are two associations
that bring real estate professionals from the North Texas area,
particularly the Dallas area, together.
The Dallas commercial real estate market has remained vibrant due to the
continuous growth of the Texas economy, particularly the Dallas economy.
For the period of 2000-2005, Dallas was forecast to be in the list of the
top five cities in the nation on the basis of demand for construction of
office spaces. The commercial real estate scenario in Dallas has been
impacted by the boom in the telecommunications and call -center
industries, making Dallas the center of these activities in the nation.
This has been driven by the fact that the cost of conducting busine ss in
Dallas is eight per cent below the national average. The positive outlook
for the telecommunications and wireless industries means that the
commercial real estate scene in Dallas would remain bright.
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