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					Useful Educational Games
Few conscientious parents love seeing their children spending hours in
front of the computer screen crashing cars or rubbing out bad guys. Even
fewer enjoy listening to the whining and moaning that ensues when it is
time to shut down the computer. You either feel like a bad parent for
letting them play, or a mean parent for keeping them from their mindless
fun. There is a happy medium, however. There are educational games on the
market that develop various thinking skills and that teach almost any
subject imaginable. They let parents feel good about the time their
children spend “plugged in.” Limiting the time your child spends on the
computer is still advised, naturally, but with these games you can be
confident their computer time is not time wasted.
Educational games used to be as dry and unimaginative as flash cards.
Today’s games, however, let children’s imaginations soar. Some of the
educational games on the market take children on as wild a ride as any
popular video game. From pre-history to the furthest reaches of space,
these are at once entertaining and instructional. There are hundreds of
games which focus intently on the core content areas of the public
schools. In addition, there are countless educational games that let your
child delve deeper into a particular interest, such as dinosaurs, music,
zoology, or the Oregon Trail.
Educational games draw children into the subject matter and make them a
part of the action. Instead of merely spitting back memorized facts,
children build on their knowledge by actively working their way through
higher and higher levels of a game. Since educational games combine fun
and learning, it is never a chore!
If your child is having difficulty in a particular area or complains that
a subject is boring, educational games may be a painless solution.
Certainly not boring, these give children a fun, engaging way to taste
academic success, master concepts, and practice skills. Best of all, with
educational games, there are no more guilt trips for you as a parent!
F. Toulouse

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