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									Computer Games For Children to Play
There are a multitude of action games for your child to play. If they are
between the age of 3 to 5 here are some suggestions in the order or
popularity. They are Hot Dog Bush, Greedy's Bakery, Sling Shot Santa or
Wonderball. Each of these games is very different, but all take eye and
hand coordination.
Hot Dog Bush is the favorite game of choice and is the easiest. With this
game the object is to make as many hotdogs and serve them to your waiting
customers as you possibly can. You must wait until a customer is asking
for a hotdog, the customer doesn't speak of course, you just see a
picture of what all they want on their hotdogs. You get the bun, place it
on the counter, cook the wiener and place it in the bun. If the customer
wants ketchup or any other condiment, you place that on the hotdog and
give to the customer. The customer then pays you and more customers will
come up. If you do not put your money in the cash register, then no more
customers will approach the hotdog stand. You are required to make so
much money per day. If you meet the quota, then you have won the day!
Greedy's Bakery is based on the Smurfs! It is an adorable game of catch
the food with all the graphics that the old Smurf cartoons had in them.
Greedy is trying to catch all of the food that two other Smurfs are
throwing to him. To help Greedy catch the food, you must move Greedy with
the arrow keys. You lose a life each time that Greedy misses the food.
You win a life when Greedy catches the food. As soon as the food hits
Greedy's plate, it disappears and the score goes up! You only have four
lives. This game does not last long, so a child with a short attention
span will enjoy this game.
Sling Shot Santa is a more difficult game. There are two elves that are
pushing a slingshot on the snow. Using the arrow keys to push Santa, they
speed up as long as you are pressing the keys. If you want to sling shot
Santa, then you must press the space bar key. Santa will either do one of
three things. If you have chosen to sling shot him at the right time, he
will be shot over the ravine. If you fall short of the mark, or if you do
not get going fast enough, then poor Santa lands on the ice face first!
If you get to going too fast and are too close to the ravine, then Santa
and the elves fall through to the hard ground below. This game takes more
thinking skill than younger kids have. Trying to get Santa over the
ravine was even hard for me (and I am an adult). Sometimes I think you
just get lucky and Santa flies over! You don't actually see Santa hit the
ground - that was the saving grace of this game.
Wonderball is another game for children with short attention spans. Again
using your arrow keys and your space bar, a small robot tries to throw a
ball up at some bricks to knock them out. A little on the destructive
side, but it is cute when the ball bounces back, hits the ground and then
is able to knock some more bricks out! A fast paced game which also
requires hand and eye coordination!
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