Tanzania Safaris in East Africa

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					Tanzania Safaris in East Africa
Most Safaris in Tanzania are usually based around the popular northern
circuit of National Parks, which will typically include Tarangire,
Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti and Lake Manyara. Kilimanjaro is also in the
North of Tanzania and the wonderful Western Kilimanjaro area where game
viewing is on the Kenyan border with Kilimanjaro as a backdrop. Arusha,
is in the north and most safaris start and end in this [in every sense of
the word] provincial town.
Dar es Salaam, one of the great cities of Africa, is the base for the
southern circuit which includes wilder and much more exciting parks and
reserves such as the Selous, Ruaha and Udzungwa Mountains. Tanzania has
Chimpanzees in the western part of the country and here scattered along
the inaccessible west from Lake Tanganyika to the great Lake Victoria are
National Parks every bit as game rich as the Serengeti; but as yet not
many tourists know of these gems. They are difficult to access; with some
of them boasting one lodge to a million hectares of park!
Some people say Tanzania is becoming touristy and if you go to Ngorongoro
Crater and the Serengeti in August and only safari into the Central
Serengeti then yes I would agree this small section of Tanzania, at this
time of year, is a little commercialized.
A note on the migratory herds of wildebeest and zebra; they are in the
Southern Serengeti, where the grasslands are rich between December and
March. Their young are born between Feb and March which encourages
dramatic predator action. Then in May as the plains of the south and east
dry out there is movement to the north and west, where there is more
grass and more dependable water. In a dry year, the first wildebeest
could be near the Mara River bordering Kenya in early July; in a wet year
as late as mid August. The Migration need not all pass into Kenya and
many stay behind or cross and re-cross the border areas. This carries on
through till October / November, when they will start to move back south
through the Serengeti.
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As we say in Swahili, karibu sana, and enjoy! Information on all the
National Parks in Tanzania a great resource when planning a safari to
either Northern, Southern or Western Tanzania. Climbing conditions for
Kilimanjaro can also be found here.
The site has a wealth of information on
Tanzania – and has safari information.
Use responsible tourism to make a difference.

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