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									Palm Springs Attractions
Whether you are searching for the perfect holiday, or somewhere permanent
to settle down, Palm Springs is the place for you. Offering such a
variety as old Indian museums, an air tramway, living deserts and zoos.
Where else will you find such varied and awe inspiring attractions? Only
in Palm Springs California can you find these things!
Palm Springs is home to the world's biggest circulating tramcar that
takes you on a ride to the peak known as Chino Canyon where you can feast
your eyes and your stomach at the restaurant known as the "Top of The
Tram" with an 8,000 foot down to bring you to the surrounding area.
Following an afternoon on the tramcar, perhaps another attraction you
would like to view would be a breath taking scenic drive from the middle
of the town, to the land owned by the tribe of Cahuilla Indians. Only
here are you able to view the land that has been left alone for
centuries, and immerse yourself in the culture surrounding this beautiful
These attractions and many more are only a drop in the well of the beauty
offered by the cultural rich land of the west. From the natural beauty of
the Indian canyons with their colors and desert views to the canyons of
Palapas at Araby Cove, surrounded by waterfalls, tropical foliage, and
spirit renewing views of Santa Rosa Mountains as the backdrop. No other
place on Earth offers these attractions from each end of the spectrum. If
you are more of an indoors type person, there are many awe inspiring
attractions as well. Museums will bring out the historian in you, and
spas or resorts for pampering a weary heart, mind, and soul. The number
of museums well outnumbers the days of the week, leaving you with a
variety to pick from. Whether your taste runs toward old Indian cultures,
or simply the past of all nations, each museum gives you an experience to
remember, while surrounding you with beauty and artifacts that tell
stories of long ago.
The children are a big part of life in Palm Springs, and most of the
museums offer displays geared toward educating them as well as keeping
their attention. There are attractions for everyone in the family here in
Palm Springs, and planning a vacation or a move here is one way of
experiencing a part of our nation's history, while enjoying the relaxed
way of life at a slower pace than usual. Come on out to Palm Springs
where the people and attractions are a different world all on their own.
Elaine Stewart - Palm Springs Real Estate Agent

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