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									Kenya Maasai Mara National Park
Masai Mara is located in Kenya, Rift Valley Province with an Area of
approximately 1,510 km².It was established in 1974 and is governed by the
Kenya Wildlife Service.
Though With an area of 1510 km² the Masai Mara is not the largest game
park in Kenya, but it most probably the most famous having featured in
many wildlife documentaries and at most having the credit of having the
Big Cat Diary The BBC Television show filmed at the site showcasing the
natural beauty of the reserve.
Masai Mara Park is divided by the Mara River and is a continuation of the
Tanzanians Serengeti National Park game reserve separated by the border
of the two countries. It's named after the traditional inhabitants of the
area the Maasai community who are pastoralists.
Masai Mara is famed for the numerous herds of wildebeests that dominate
the Mara and their wonderful natural and impressing great migration each
year from the Serengeti plains in search for pastures across the Mara
river and their return to the south at around October every year.
The Masai Mara Park is about 224 Km from Nairobi city the capital of
Kenya and about 234 Km from the Jomo Kenyatta International airport in
Nairobi. The park is easily accessible by road or private charter planes
which can land at any of the airports in the park like the Mara Serena
Airport, Musiara Airport and Keekorok Airport are located in the Reserve
area of the Masai Mara. Mara Shikar Airport, Kichwa Tembo Airport and
Ngerende Airport are located in the Conservation area of the Masai Mara.
Transport by road to the Masai Mara gives one an opportunity to view the
Great Rift Valley enroute from Nairobi through theMai-Mahiu road
branching to the left to Narok on the floor of Rift valley. The Masai
Mara Reserve area is administered by Narok County Council and the Mara
Conservancy by the Trans-Mara county council with a number of anti-
poaching units. The Masai Mara Conservation area is administered by the
Group Ranch Trusts of the Maasai community who also have their own
rangers who patrol the park .
Accommodation at the Masai Mara park is diverse to suite all visitors
depending on their preferred tastes with Lodges and Tented Camps in the
Reserve and others in the outer limits. Lodges and camps inside the
Reserve include Mara Serena, Governor's camp, Keekorok, and Sarova Mara.
In the Conservation area are Royal Mara Safari Lodge, Siana Springs
tented camp, Mara Sopa, Elephant Pepper, Mara Simba.If traveling with a
tour agency accommodation is arranged and game drives are offered usually
in mornings and late evenings, however customized drives can be arranged
with tour operators and guides.
Welcome to the Masai Mara Park, the undisputed paradise for the sheer
quantity and variety of wildlife in Africa. Plan to see the beauty of
Mara and the annual wildebeests' migration!
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