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									Choosing and Caring for Outdoor Wood Furniture
Why should you use wood furniture outdoors? To some people this is not
even a question! The right question would be, “Why wouldn’t you use wood
furniture outdoors?” There is a wide variety of materials that are made
to be used outdoors, including plastic, metal, wicker and other synthetic
materials. With all of the other options for outdoor furniture, the
reasons of why one should use wood should be carefully examined before
you buy furniture for your outdoor oasis.
Wood is meant to be outdoors. Trees grow in the great outdoors, so it
makes sense that furniture made from trees should be kept outdoors. It is
no wonder that wood furniture, when treated and cared for properly, can
last outdoors for years. The type of wood you pick of will determine just
how well the wood weathers over time.
Although wood does weather over time, you can protect your outdoor wood
furniture by carefully taking care of it every season. Paint and stain
are good ways of protecting your wood furniture from the sun because they
add an additional layer of defense to the wood. Water-repellent stains
are also important to add to your outdoor furniture to protect it from
water damage, which causes the wood to rot and crack. When using either
paint or stain, you want to have a durable blend so that it dries fast
and completely, and does not rub off on people sitting down on the
Another way to protect your wood and make it last for years to come is to
buy special kinds of wood. Treated wood is one such option, as it is
resistant to rotting from the elements. But one of the issues with
treated wood is that it often comes green, and can more easily warp than
regular wood.
Teak furniture is a popular choice for outdoor furniture. Teak wood is an
extremely dense hardwood is often praised for its durability. It also has
natural oils that protect it from the elements, even when left untreated.
Often grown in Indonesia, Teak is very resistant to attacks by termites
and other insects because the high oil content makes it water repellent.
Chinese Oak is a dense hardwood with a very fine grain. It is a naturally
light wood and sometimes has a pinkish tint. The tannic acid in Chinese
Oak makes it ideal for use in outdoor furniture because it is naturally
resistant to attacks by fungi and insects.
Cedar, especially Western Red Cedar is a very popular choice for outdoor
furniture because of its beautiful color and finish. Often grown in
Canada, Western Red Cedar is also naturally resistant to decay and insect
damage when exposed to rain, sun, heat, or cold all year. When properly
treated, Red Cedar furniture may last for decades in the harshest of
A final way to protect your outdoor wood furniture and maintain it for
the long haul is to simply put a roof over it. Whether it is an awning on
your deck, a covered roof for your sunroom or your garage during the
winter, a roof can go a long way to help you keep the sun, rain and wind
off of your wood furniture and protect it for years to come.
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