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									The Writer's GMC
Know What You Want
You have a dream: to write a book. Congratulations! Now what? How do you
go from great idea to great reality? With The Writer's GMC*. Answer the
questions below to uncover you writing goals, motivations, and conflicts.
You can do it! This next step requires your handy tools of creativity,
honesty and perseverance.
G is for Goal
What is your current writing project? What are your long-term writing
projects? Describe each one, as applicable, in as much detail as
possible, addressing for example, genre, length, and audience.
M is for Motivation
What is your main motivation fueling you? What are your secondary
motivations? Peer deeper, and find another reason, if you can. Some write
because their day isn't complete with out it; others write to communicate
a message or a dream, make a point, or impress others. There is no right
answer—only clarity achieved—by knowing why you write.
C is for Conflict
Focus on your perceived obstacles -- both internal and external. Allow
any negative or limiting self-talk to be recognized for what it is -- an
obstacle to be overcome. No need to judge, just acknowledge. Notice what
external factors interrupt the path to your writing time, be it busyness,
work and family obligations, or TV watching. Don’t judge, just notice
that these obstacles are often there by our own choosing and that by
recognizing them we can choose differently. What strengths can you use to
achieve your writing goals? Include inner qualities like humor,
intelligence, curiosity, drive, and outer benefits such as a space to
work, a regular schedule to write, a nice computer, or no pressure to
make money at your writing.
Now that you are clearer on your writing goals, motivations, conflicts
and strengths, share them with a supportive writing buddy, writers group,
teacher or coach. Sharing helps you stay accountable for your goals. A
success buddy can cheer you on and validate you. Also, a buddy or writing
group, coach or teacher, can ask you "What next?" and encourage you to
plan and execute your next step.
Next Step
So what is your next step in your writing project? Do you need to sit
down and write? Do you need to create a project time line? Do you need
support to review and activate your GMC? None of us achieves a dream
without the many people helping us along the way. Welcome to the Writers
* Thanks to Deb Dixon and her book, Goal, Motivation and Conflict, for
inspiration for this article.

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