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					Short Poem to Say Thank You - How To
Nothing shows thoughtful gratitude like a short poem to say thank you. A
poem shows that you spent the time to think about the thank you note or
card you sent to its recipient. Whether you wrote the verse yourself or
picked it out of a book, including the poem means you took the time to
either write or find it.
Short poems are better than long poems because they are easier and
quicker to read. After all, not everybody reads Paradise Lost for
enjoyment (but if you know someone who does - by all means send them a
long poem to say thank you! But, only if you want to...).
A short poem is unpresumptuous. You don't seem like you're trying to make
yourself out to be hoity-toity if you just send a simple short poem.
Plus, it helps you keep from offending or confusing anybody, by sending
them something they don't understand.
Of course, you can always write your own short poem to say thank you, as
well. It doesn't have to be complex. It's better if it's not.
One way to write a poem is to use a "roses are red, violets are blue..."
form. No, you don't have to use the roses and violets. In fact you
probably shouldn't unless you're trying to be silly or funny.
But, you can use the rhyme scheme. Here is an example of a short poem to
say thank you:
You're a great friend,
This much is true.
And what you just did,
Makes me want to say, "Thank you!"
It won't win any prizes, but I think you should get the idea.
Not everybody has the knack, but a lot more people have it than know i t.
The only way to know is to sit down for a few minutes and try it out and
Even if what you write isn't the best thing since Shakespeare, don't
worry. No one will expect it to be (and you shouldn't either). The simple
fact that you took the time to put the words down will impress and
gratify whoever you send it to.
Even if you don't write a single verse all year, go ahead and write a
short poem to say thank you to a good friend or a loved one. Even if it
seems a little silly to you, they are bound to love it!
At a loss for words? Feel free to copy and paste for all occasions any
sample of a short poem to say thank you and free thank you poems you find
at the Thank You Note Wording website.

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