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									No Cost, Fun Summer Activities For the Whole Family
Summer is coming up right around the corner. Families everywhere are
planning out some fun vacations to celebrate the beautiful weather.
Amusement parks and renting cabins are popular ways to spend your summer,
but not everyone can afford them. Here are some no-cost ways to spend
your summer with the whole family throughout the season:
Start a book club- Pick a spot in the backyard, and lay down a blanket
large enough to fit the whole family. Have some cookies, lemonade and
whatever snacks you choose to have. Use a book from the library and take
turns reading it out loud. You can even discuss some things that occur in
the book. Consider making it a weekly event and invite your neighbors and
friends to participate as well.
Treasure Hunt- Some kids are into anything to do with pirates. You could
plan a treasure hunt with their help. Scour your backyard, local beach or
park and find things you could put into a treasure chest. The kids could
also make some of their own items to place in the chest too. Spend some
time searching for pirate information on the internet and use what you
find to make up your very own treasure map. Then bury the chest or hide
it in the house and let the kids try out the map they created.
Gardening- Make up a small garden or use a small portion of your existing
garden. Let each of your children have a row or small area to use to grow
whatever they choose to. Each child is responsible for taking care of
their own crops. Help them research the item they chose to grow so they
can see how to best care for it. When their crop is ready to harvest,
they can reap from the hard work they put into growing it.
Help your child's interests to grow- Find out what interests your child
and help them research it. If your child is into sports, you can research
their favorite team or print images off the net and start a scrapbook of
their team. If your child is into crafts, you can research craft projects
on the net and find some that are no-cost and interest the child.
Teenagers may be more interested in playing a game of basketball,
baseball or visiting a zoo.
Movie night- Some libraries have movies you can rent. Pick a night each
week and watch a movie the whole family could enjoy. The children can
take turns picking out what they want to watch for that week. Have your
bowl of popcorn or whatever snack you choose, and sit back with your
family in your own "home theater".
There are plenty of ways to spend some fun time during the summer that
doesn't cost you money. Use your creativity, imagination, and get ideas
from your children on what they would like to do. Plan some of those
activities as a family and enjoy your summer.
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