; How to Write a Fiction Book
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How to Write a Fiction Book


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									How to Write a Fiction Book
As a passionate fiction writer, I have gone trough all the steps on how
to write a book fiction, but I have been asked by a lot of people for
some advice on this topic. That is what this article is all about, advice
to make your fiction look like a diamond and not a like a rusty old piece
of paper. When you first want to start write a fiction book, you have to
have the right mindset. Because if you think of the problems you have in
your personal life your book will look like the story of your life.
Because you will reflect those problems in your book. Try to find a place
where it's quiet and with the right ambiance, some place that you are
very comfortable with and nobody bothers you there. This is a key factor,
do not go over it.
After you found your quiet place, don't start writing right away. Start
by imagining the world of your book, imagine all of your characters in as
much detail as you can. Try to put yourself in that world, try to imagine
how would it be if you were living in that world. By doing this, you will
not only write faster, but you can write with more passion, you can write
with more detail. Believe it or not, people can "see" trough your book
and they will know if you just made the book "just so you make it". When
you start writing, don't make the same mistake that most people do, do
not try to make it perfect in the first try.
If you try to do that you will fail, I promise you that. You should
always just kinda outline the world, the characters and don't go into too
much detail. By doing this it will be a lot easier for you to write the
final book a lot better, because you already have the basic world and
characters down on paper, and so you can concentrate on more detailed
things when you actually make your final book. These are my simple tips
on how to write a fiction book, I could have written more but the it will
be too long and you would get bored.
If you want more info on how to write a book fiction, I recommend a guide
witch I read when I first started to write fiction, and believe that it
has helped me a lot.
CLICK HERE to learn more about writing fiction.

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