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Gold Dust Offer by letsbcool


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The best we can do is to deliver CIF to Hong Kong, Mainland China, London-UK and Malaysia. These are our terms and procedures: 1. Product: 2. Origin 3. Initial Quantity: 4. Monthly Quantity: 5. Quality: 6. Purity: 7. Price: 8. Destinations: Gold Dust Ghana 50kg 80kg 22+ carats, 94% (Subject to Final Assay Report) US$16,000 per kilo London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia

Procedures: 1. We will solicit the services of our financiers to deliver the gold dust on our behalf in any of these destinations, having paid all the export taxes, shipping charges, etc, etc to get the gold dust out of Ghana. 2. Buyer will be invited to their storage facility to examine the gold dust and take samples randomly to conduct initial testing in order to verify the purity of the gold dust 3. The gold dust will be kept in the buyer's security vault while the testing is being carried out. 4. After satisfactory testing of the samples, buyer will be required make 20% payment of the total cost to the seller's financiers.

5. The gold dust will be instantly transferred into the buyer's custody immediately the payment is confirmed. 6. The rest of the payment will be made through seller's nominated bank account after full smelting/assaying within a maximum period of five (5) days. 7. This payment will be calculated based on the actual numeric weight of the gold content after refining the gold dust and removing all the impurities. Awaiting your response to enable me send you the MOU before the commencement of the transaction. Please indicate destination of delivery. With kind regards

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