Basic Tips on How to Write a Book

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					Basic Tips on How to Write a Book
Writing a book is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of work and
it can be mentally exhausting. But it can also be very rewarding. If you
have decided that you want to write a book, then there are a few things
that you should know before you start. Keep reading to pick up some great
basic tips on how to write a book.
If is important that you determine who your audience is going to be
before you write your book. If you do not learn to write to your
audience, you will not keep your reader entertained. For example, if you
are a health professional that is writing a book for the lay person,
avoid using medical lingo that the average person does not understand.
Using technical jargon may make you feel intelligent, but it will quickly
alienate your readers.
The best way to develop your book is to outline it first. Determine the
chapter headings and outline the specifics of what each chapter is going
to contain. This will keep you organized and prevent you from rambling
off in directions that may confuse the reader. After you have a few books
under your belt, you may find a different method that works for you. Many
well known authors still outline after writing hundreds of books, so
there must be something to this method.
Watch your writing style. What this means is, if you are writing a book
for the reader's entertainment, then do not make it hard. Using short
paragraphs and a simple, conversational style will keep your readers
happy. Write as if you are talking to just one person, say a friend.
Refrain from using big words and flowery prose.
Keep your book exciting. End a chapter with a teaser of things to come in
the next chapters. Keep your readers curious. Be sure to infuse plenty of
believable dialogue between the characters. Dialogue can be the hardest
part of writing a book. Try reading everything that you write out loud to
see how if flows. If it sounds stiff or if it does not sound the way
normal people would talk to each other, you need to change it. Study
conversations between people around you, in other books and in the movies
you watch. Take note of the way things are phrased. Do not forget that
most of us do not talk proper English. Our conversations are made up of
contractions, slang and one word sentences.
So there you have the basic steps on how to write a book. It is not going
to be easy and it may be frustrating. But as you develop your book, it
will began to feel like your baby. You will watch your baby grow until it
is ready to be released to the world! Good luck and happy writing!
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