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					Who is Barack Obama?
Although Sarah Palin has only been on the national scene for about six
weeks and she's only given two real interviews (one with Charles Gibson &
one with Katie Couric) and has held absolutely no press conferences she's
taken to asking the question "Who is Barack Obama?" at her campaign
events (which lately appear to be barely controlled extremist hate mobs.)
Barack Obama is a 47 year old man of mixed racial background (African
father, white mother from Kansas) who was born in the state of Hawaii in
1961. Obama graduated from Columbia in 1983. Obama worked as a community
organizer in Chicago until entering Harvard Law School in 1988.
He was a distinguished student at Harvard Law School as he was elected
president of the Law Review. He graduated from Harvard Law School with
honors (magna cum laude) in 1991.
Obama began to teach constitutional law in the University of Chicago Law
School in 1992. He did that for 12 years until 2004 when he was elected
to the US Senate.
He was elected to the Illinois Senate in 1996. In 2002 he delivered a
speech at a Chicago anti-war rally in which he showed extremely sound
foreign policy judgment by opposing the Iraq War from the start at a time
when few politicians dared to challenge the direction of the Bush/Cheney
Obama became nationally known at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.
He wrote and delivered the extremely well received keynote address. Many
Democrats instantly felt that Barack Obama would one day run for
President. His performance electrified the party.
Obama defeated Alan Keyes in the 2004 Illinois senate election 70% to
27%. This landslide is the largest in Illinois statewide election
Among Obama's accomplishments as Senator are the Coburn-Obama
Transparency Act. This established the web search engine
for federal spending. It's also known as "Google for Government."
Strangely enough Sarah Palin actually brought up this idea of "Google for
Government" at one of her rallies as if it was were a new idea of hers.
Another Obama accomplishment is the Lugar-Obama initiative which is meant
to energize the US program against unsecured conventional weapons such as
anti-aricraft missiles.
Tellingly both Tom Coburn & Dick Lugar are Republicans. This proves
beyond a shadow of a doubt that Barack Obama can "reach across the aisle"
and work with Republicans (despite what McCain/Palin says.)
Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President on February 10, 2007.
Since then he has been in the national public eye to a great degree. He
has participated in over 20 nationally televised debates. He has been
interviewed countless times. He has taken questions from the press. He
has been vetted and vetted again. Every single smear tactic imaginable
has been brought up and thrown at him by his opponents.
The idea that someone as unknown as Sarah Palin (who has ties to an Anti-
American political party called the Alaskan Independence Party) would ask
"Who is Barack Obama?" is infuriating. The real question is "Who is Sarah
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