Surge and Purge by primusboy


									Surge and Purge
The long awaited surge in US troop strength is upon us, George of the
Bungle, old blood and guts test of will. Our blood and his guts he will
show the Iraqi insurgency that Iraq is still his country didn’t Tom
Brocaw say it was after all. And after all it doesn’t matter what the
public or the pentagon thinks in this country so why should he care what
the insurgency in Iraq thinks? George and the pundits after all think in
terms of pins stuck in maps not kids stuck in crossfire’s or vehicles
disabled by IED’s Troop flows are not blood flows when it comes to the
paid to know better set, out of sight out of mind, what funerals?
But the critics charge “But George what if the surge doesn’t work what
then? Do we give up ?” But George isn’t listening Duh, haven’t we as a
nation figured that out yet? It has become acutely easy to determine who
in the administration is with this Helen Keller of Pennsylvania Ave.
Those in the administration that agree with George of the bungle are
called incoming those that disagree are called out going simple enough
isn’t it? Surge and Purge, White House press spokesman Tony Snow (the
hardest working man in snow business) says, “The administration welcomes
opposing points of view” leaving out it that it makes it easier to know
who to replace.
Thirty thousand? Fifty thousand? A hundred thousand or a million tis a
moot point. When Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked over that lantern in the barn
had ten firemen been on the spot the conflagration never would have
happened. But once the cities in flames all the fireman in the world
can’t help you. I’d bet you a dollar to a doughnut that Mrs. O’Leary was
damn careful with cows and lanterns from then on! That’s the difference
between Mrs. O’Leary and our Helen Keller on the Potomac, this Helen
doesn’t learn, if you put her hand under the pump and spell “That doesn’t
work!” into it as the blood flows through his fingers his response is to
fire Ann Sullivan and find a new teacher that will spell good idea into
his hand instead.
We as a people are stuck; George has stymied us with the poison pill
defense of Dick Cheney. Name your poison stupid or maniacal the wolf man
or Frankenstein? Either way it won’t solve the problem of how to get out
of Iraq. I had to laugh as the corporate media frames the issue to corner
the Democrats, CNN asked, “Do the Democrats have a plan of what to do in
Iraq?” and the correspondent answered slowly shaking her head she answers
no. Gosh, the democrats have control Congress for three whole days and
they still don’t have a plan! What’s wrong with them?
After all it’s so simple, you can, leave and don’t look back I call that
one cut and run plan in deference to George of the bungle. Two, try and
bring about a cease-fire by diplomatic back channels then a phased
withdrawal I call that one Peace with honor (Kudos to Nixon!) Or you try
it George’s way, when your boat develops a hole in it and begins to fill
with water you drill another hole to let the water back out then you find
Generals and officials that will agree that’s a good plan then you fire
anyone who disagrees I call that one the current policy.
I think a better question for CNN to ask would be, is it better to have
no plan or a stupid plan? Or maybe after you’ve had three years not three
days to come up with a plan and this is the best you can do? Fire
everyone who disagrees and look for hear no evil, speak no evil and see
no evil to warm cabinet chairs. It has all the makings of a tragic comedy
if it weren’t for the real warm blood of real Americans that joined the
military to serve their country not some imbecile’s ego.
Moe Larry and Curley were walking through the kennel one day when Curley
says “Oh nice doggie!” Moe says “Say don’t you see that sign beware of
dog lame brain!” Curley says, “Yeah but I want to pet him and take him
home he looks friendly enough.” Curley sticks his hand in the cage and
the dog bites his hand. “Hey Moe!” He screams what do I do? He bit me he
bit me and he won’t let go! Oh, oh,oh, oh!” Larry chimes in, “Well the
sign said beware of dog! What did you expect?” Moe slaps him and says,
“Alright wise guy what’s your plan?” “Gee Moe I don’t have one” “Well
then shut up! Curley stick your other hand in the cage and maybe he’ll
let go!”

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