Indian Chicks - Lost in Indian Popular Culture

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					Indian Chicks - Lost in Indian Popular Culture?
Literature is the mirror image of society so why is it that when I want
to read a novel or see a movie or a programme about the contemporary,
post feminist Indian female, I hardly find anything related to it?
Bridget Jone's Diary, Legally Blonde, Sex And The City among movies;
Grey's anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Sex And The City, Ugly Betty in the
television shows; Shopaholic series , Princess Diaries, Pride and
Prejudice in the chick lit genre have not only been immensely popular in
the west but have also made a huge fan base in India. Then, why is there
a scarcity of chick culture in the popular culture of India?
In Indian cinema women are still being given the passive roles of objects
of desires or of the hardcore feminists challenging patriarchy, or of
some kind of prop being used since the role of a female protagonist
(however small it may be) is necessary to the plot. Indian television is
still being dominated by the ever crappy saas bahu serials or over
dramatic reality shows like big boss and the wide variety of talent hunt
shows. As for literature is concerned, apart from two books (Trust Me &
Piece Of Cake) I haven't come across any other novel in this genre.
A contemporary Indian female would love to see a bharatiya avatar of the
Bridget Jones (being bugged by her parents to wear traditional clothes
and loosing weight to get married) or Rebecca Brandon (making chapatis in
the kitchen for her Luke). Everyday women with everyday problems set in
the Indian soil is what I'm craving for. A lighthearted yet intelligible
heroine with the indianized set of problems and their unique solutions.
Its certainly high time for Chick lit in Indian popular culture to mark
the beginning and give the female audience something to relate to and
hence really enjoy.