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									Yoga For Pregnancy
Yoga is a low impact exercise. This is important during pregnancy in
order to keep both you and your baby safe. High impact forms of exercise
are generally not safe for you or your baby while you are pregnant. Yoga
for pregnancy can still give you a great workout without putting you or
your baby in harm's way.
Yoga teaches proper breathing techniques. This is good for both your mind
and your body. The unique form of breathing that is done during yoga (in
some practices called ujjayi breathing) can help calm the mind and the
body. In any yoga for pregnancy video you get, there will be a focus on
your breath. It can focus on how to calm your breath, how to breathe into
different parts of your body and how to breathe away tension and stress.
This kind of focused breathing is also great for helping you prepare for
Yoga stretches your body. This aspect of yoga for pregnancy is great for
helping you get rid of any tension and stress in your body. As your body
grows and changes during pregnancy, you will have aches and pains in
places that you never have before. The stretching that yoga provides can
help you work out these kinks and relieve the tension in those areas that
get particularly stressed. Your back, legs and feet are definitely areas
that will need some extra stretching during pregnancy.
Yoga incorporates relaxation techniques. At the end of most yoga classes
and videos, you will find a relaxation section. When you are doing yoga
for pregnancy, this is can be an especially wonderful time to connect to
your baby and to let your body fully relax. Focused relaxation is always
important but even more important during pregnancy when your body is
undergoing so many changes. It also gives you a chance to shut off your
mind and just be. When you do this fully, there are no worries or
concerns, you are simply in the moment with your baby, which is a magical
and wonderful experience.
Yoga for pregnancy is a wonderful way to get low impact exercise, learn
proper breathing techniques, stretch your ever-growing body and learn to
relax with your baby. The techniques you learn by doing yoga while you
are pregnant can even help you during childbirth and as a new mother. Get
more information about prenatal yoga and doing yoga while you are
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